Monday, February 22, 2010

Vals, Lag, Witches etc

Hi Pips. Been a while, i have been updating, in my mind tho, pardon me. Its been crazy as usual.
where do i start now? ah ha, Vals day!

Feb. 14th 2010 so far has been the best val day i've had in my 27 yrs of existence, considering the fact of course that its virtually the first "real" val celebration for me, sad init? I told u that in the past my radar always caught no gooders and stupid boys, they either ask me out after vals day or break up/travel/go on military operation etc during this very important period.
i've gotten a few gifts in the past. e.g a guy i totally did not dig got me a Charles Delon necklace, very pretty, unfortunately, nothing came out of it. 2008 MF got me some stupid choc, little key ring teddy and card, i dont know how the choc managed to be tasteless but then, i digress. all that is in the past now, praise Gad!!!

So Bubbly got me a lovely teddy bear, very white and red, i've named it Snowy. U can call me agbaya all u want, i've always wanted a teddy bear that would mean a lot. My dad got me one cute yellow teddy for my 25th. i have no idea why the man did that. But at least, Snowy has a girlfriend now, isnt that just cute.

So it was a simple but lovely day. he had ordered chinese and we ate it picnic style. pitched our "tent" far away from people, in a park we both love. we talked, gisted, gazed into each others eyes, stared at the starts and made plans of how we want our lives to be. and i must have given him a 100 kisses that day. it was simple but for me, very memorable.
and oh, i wore this very hot pink alter top on jeans which led to some things later in the evening. I AINT TELLING!!!! get ur mind outta the gutter, good girls dont tell :)

I hated the following monday cos i remembered all the stupid files i have to work on again and listen to silly lawyers move stupid motions. why didnt they just declare monday public holiday sef? right now they are all written in arabic, i'm trying to decode and translate to english.

was in lag last weekend for a friend's wedding. it was ok, had some fun. hooked up with my friend (she usually is my motivation for going to lag anytime) yours truly looked very very gorgeous i tell u, u know how i like owambe kinda life. this my profession just keeps dulling me plus abuja folks dont throw very correct parties.
everything got me tired and didnt really sleep well cos of the heat, it was terrible. i had the hugest headache and cramps sat evening. it was terrible and scary. was just lucky i got people offering to drive me around most of the time, for that, am really grateful. i was EXTREMELY happy and thankful when i left lag tho, apologies to my lag folks, i thot abuja was hot, lag is just on some different level of hotness!

i broke some rules on my dieting in lag. i had a full plate of jollof and friend rice and fried chicken at the party. had 2 slices of yam on saturday and sunday morning. i felt guilty. but i resisted drinks sha. so my diet continues full time now, no more rubbish.

a few randoms:

was watching africa magic at the salon last sat. it was something about witchcraft and mammy water. our depiction of witches and mammy waters always crack me up:

- they always have weird attires and weird hair styles and make up or marks
- they always laugh (usually three times with pauses in btw) whenever they are happy or angry
- they always sing and dance at their meetings
- everything beneath the oceans in mammy waters place is always beautiful and rosy and has lots of fruits while the other witches meet in dark and ugly places

just wondering o, is it really like this? dont be afraid to answer, i wont think u r a witch. lol.

have a great week y'all!


LusciousRon said...

So I am not one of your reason's for heading to Lag? Weldone.

Glad Val's day turned out well! Lucky you :D

I dont know about the mammy water/witches thingy!

Hit my inbox for the Vals day gist if you don't want Bubbly to be kidnapped!

phallatio said...

I have a friend who is a white witch - although she is a black woman - and she is a sweet, kind and sexy girl, so I hear no fear of witches!

I have decided that every day is a day of love! On Facebook, I send Valentine's gifts every single day!


Repressed One said...

Aww how cute. Good to read you had a lovely vals've already told us all we need to know about that night ;)

lol@ Ibere...Oo serious at all. Me no know nuffin bout mammy water and such oh

Myne Whitman said...

Your val day sounds great, you're still getting teddies? Agbaya! And how are we supposed to know about the witches and ish eh? LOL...

2cute4u said...

hi wats up? glad you had a real val.. lol, some of us didn't.coupled with the jiving in lag lol your pepper dey hot oh.. have fun.. you deserve it. wrote a new post-'save our soul' need for you to read it and please get back to me,thank you ever so much.

Omotee! said...

lusciousRon i carry God beg u, dont kidnap Bubbly o except u want to kidnap both of us in which case it would be nice, just abandon us somewhere! lol.

phallatio, white witch??? does she fly and laugh 3 times? lol. aww, nice of u to send gifts, just send me once, a very nice and real gift. see previous post for my wish list.

miss repressed, i said NOTHING about that night, ur imaginations ehn i pity u. why r u afraid to tell us what u know about witches ehn, doesnt mean u r one now?

myne myne myne, call me agbaya all u want o, na u know. feel free to buy me one more teddy, will name it MYNE!
u wey be writer, u never do research on witch craft ni? u shd be knowledgeable all round!

chacha, lol @ my pepper dey hot, lol. thanx ma'am. coming to urs in a bit...

Fragilelooks said...

old woman wey dey play wit teddies. lol. Neways, sum1 had fun o. Witches vs mammy water? Mhhhh

2cute4u said...

I didn't get your drift about the happy birthday stuff and having my gift ready.. what's up?talk to me.

Luscious LU said...

Awwww! Ain't that just cute?! Happy for u but hen that part you ain't telling... You still ain't telling? Stick to our bargain o!
Witches and Mammy water???? you are in OYO o!

Omotee! said...

fragile na me be old woman?!?! wait make i just catch u there.....

chacha, SORRY SORRY SORRY! i was trying to drop a comment on another post and....long tin, na internet evil. by the way i liked ur post. intend to mail u on that addy, would be glad to help in anyway i can, that was really brilliant and thotful of u.

LU, see someone is back. am still sticking to the bargain o

Original Mgbeke said...

Girlll seems like your valentines was off the hook. Kudos! And you had fun o, I aint mad at that at all, at all. lol