Monday, March 1, 2010

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Hi Pipo, hope u r having a better life/day/month?

I thot the month had started on a good note until later in the day yesterday when my boss got into a rage.
My boss is quite nice and friendly but is also one of the most difficult person on earth. she wants things to be done properly and orderly, no problem with that but her definition of properly and orderly changes every frigging day and its just hard to keep up. what was right and proper yesterday is gross and stupid today and u just have to guess whats good for tommorow. and once one person misses it that day, lots of people are in trouble for that day.

so yesterday, miss Clerk refused to carry her files into her office on time and automatically, i was at fault! i was running another errand so i didnt think i had to monitor Miss Clerk to see she saw the case files into her office. and when she gets mad, she rakes and rakes and rakes and says lots of things and u r forced to wonder "ok, what exactly is going on?". I actually cried yesterday cos she made it sound like i dont do ANYTHING just receive salary which is just crazy cos i do work, a lot!
ok, maybe crying is silly but i just hate to look incompetent and lazy cos i am not.

Anyway, i guess its one of the hazards of my job and working with my kind of boss.
Meanwhile, Miss Clerk will hear it from me today, nobody should just add to my already full to the brim schedule of work and take no insults for the wrong they do.
thats that with me and my raging boss.

So am going political today.
The state of our nation is really like a movie, at first it was a comedy of all sorts. Now its fast becoming a horror movie.
I dont hate Yaddy, its not his fault that guy is sick, i really dont wish him dead. But seriously, is anything wrong with him resigning to take care of his health? what is wrong with Turai anyway?! Are they going to hide the true state of this man's health till 2011 or when (which by the way is silly cos we will know wassup eventually one day one day)? What is the big idea anyway? are they so against Jonathan becoming President or........... I am really out of ideas.

What bothers me is the implications of this. This is one way to invite the military back in. These guys think democracy has gone on for long enough anyway so its time to step in again. I dont pray for it to happen but really, this is one good reason for them to steal the show while everyone is still confused.
And why is there so much fuss as to whether Jonny Boy should chose the members of his own cabinet? Of course he should. I am against his transferring Aaondoka to special duties, he should have kicked the guy's arse farther than that, like remove him totally. That guy (AG) messed things up too much. Jonny Boy should have people who are ready to work with him on board, fini!

Just wanted to vent my anger against my boss and the state of the nation since i cant exactly confront the parties involved.

Have a great month guys.


Fragilelooks said...


leggy said...

sorry about the work issue.
obj made sure he handed his position to a civilian and yaddy now wants to ruin the peaceful transiton of power that we've had.even obj is calling for him to retire.

2cute4u said...

sori.. bosses just have inconsiderate mannerisms that can frustrate you if you don't have a focus,but you do, so ignore her when she starts throwing tantrums but never let anyone undermine your efforts, you know who you are and what you're worth.. you should see what I do with my boss.I lost a case last week and all hell broke lose,jare live life,
as for the Nigerian wahala, Northerners feel its their turn so any other issue is irrelevant.. I just believe that this ill wind will blow over..
Please visit
Thank you so very much

Myne Whitman said...

Sorry about your issue with your boss. Some will say it is the palava of a female oga. Andd you cried too? Eeya, pele dear.

As for our country and Yardie, I saw a news broadcast by Dora and my mouth fell open. No one has seen the president till now not even Goodluck. God will save us sha.

Andrea said...

Female bosses have issues.

Repressed One said...

Aww they made you cry...pele dear, ma da won lohun jo.

I am actually in shock that Turai, wife of an ill president, is ruling things. How is she making all these egotistical men do her bidding? Is it a case of 'everyman has a price' or a case of 'Voodoo pass voodoo'?
And the reaction of the citizens?? Nobody cares enough to do anything...we just talk [yea, myself included]

Enkay said...

In fact the drama in Naija is becoming 'unbecoming' - if there's such an expression.

I have also asked the question "who is this Turai sef? And on whose authority is she acting?"

We need to pray. Of this I am sure!

Rita said...

Vented anger well received :-) How now? Sorry about you and Boss issue. How is Mrs Clerk, lol...

Me I am not talking about any Naija issues. It is settled. When they are ready to accept that it is settled, even if it is 20 years from now, someone should let me know.

@Andrea and Co...let's not be quick to generalize oh. I had 2 wonderful female bosses. I think it has to do with personality. I hope those that report to me can say the same of what I say about my female bosses.

Anonymous said...


rayo said...

pele dear. 9ja issue don tire me tho, sumtyms i dnt even wanna tnk abt it no mo, Goodluck shld hv kicked aondoakaa totally nd asserted imslf bt i guess hes nt rili made of tuff stuff. its all so sad...
im bak love :D

omotee said...

sorry guys that am just replying. internet issues as usual which is just ok as i've had plenty work again

@fragile: thanx mam, i do love my boss, thats a bitch abi?

@leggy: obj is a silly agbaya, he shd go and sit on python jo, no be im cause am?

@chacha: thanx dearie, guess its one of those things. amen on naija o!

@:miss whytman: thanx ma. my book o! how far?!
@andrea: yeah, they do. this one is quite nice tho.
@repressed: yeah i cried, lol, very silly. wont do that again. thanx
@enkay: turai na principality!
@ rita: even me i don tire don quiet.

madam rayo!!!!! so glad u r back now!

LusciousRon said...

Bosses can be a handful in both genders. Pele love. I refuse to discuss Naija!

LovePaprika said...

First of all sorry about your boss :( Naw wa for that kind of boss o... na prayer u need babygurl!

secondly... there are people who run the show in Nigeria. in govt and out of govt... Johnny Boy's appointment maybe detrimental to some of them...And he is not hausa shh... U knw in nij we r all bout tribes it is ridiculous!