Monday, March 29, 2010


halloz!!! hope u had a great weekend?
am jobless so i thot to bore u with some pictures, what do u think?

1. really, granny, what is this? maybe she has 'mad cow disease".

2.WTH????!!!!!! where im dey go?

3. umm, for real? which is she trying to keep in shape? will the gym help?

4. waoh! happy birthday?
5. big reason

6. the sign reads " da ile si ibi yi ki o s'oriburuku tabi ki o s'ofo tomotomo ninu odun yi"
which means "dump refuse here and (literarily) have a bad head (and be cursed with bad luck) or perish together with your children this year.
guess the conventional DO NOT DUMP REFUSE HERE did not work, this sure worked!
7. desperate measures for desperate yahoo yahoo boy! i am trying to imagine what he is saying "oya, send the money now now!"
have a great day people!


BuBu said...

Yay! I am first! Where did u get this pics from. The yahoo yahoo guy was probably sayin "n ta ba wi fun ogbo ni ogbo ngbo" Translate urself. Have a nice week

rayo said...

lmao, granny toh bad! hilarious pixs

Omotee! said...

@bubu: lol, yes o, guess thats what he was saying, wonder if it works sef make i talk to my account officer to credit my account, lol!

@rayo: hey madam, whats good? granny ti crazy o!

Fragilelooks said...

I want the b.Day cake. Lol. Hillarious.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...


@BuBu: Sure that is what the Yahoo guy is saying.

have agreat week

sosexy said...

Crazy pics!Nice post.Sure had fun here.Have a graceful week ahead

2cute4u said...

Hilarious and disturbing at the same time..Thanks for sharing and for stopping at my place.Take care

SHE said...

I think its number two that has mad cow. Wetin?

Omotee! said...

@fragile: u just might have it, lets see.....

@redhead: only God knows how Bubu knows what he's saying, she don do am b4? lol

@sosexy: thanx mam. great week too!

@chacha: disturbing? lol. u welcome m'am.

@she: :LDKMD, na serious matter o! thanx for stopping by.

onosetale(damsel) said...

LMAO @ that sign and the yahoo boy!!! funny post. Have a lovely week ahead

Myne Whitman said...

Those are some hilarious pics, the man in loetard had me open mouthed like OMG! LWKMD at the yahoo guys. The cake is just tacky.

Anonymous said...

LOOL!! 2nd picture is majorly disturbing.

Omotee! said...

damsel: thanx, u too and kind of u to drop by

miss whitman: the guy get issues o, big time! the cake is somehow but it will be some funny gift, lol. take note, my bd is april 14th o!

tia: mehn, major disturbing o! the guy must have evil spirits or something disturbing him

seun said...

rotflmao! the signpost takes the cake for me! jesos! crazy signpost.where did u get it?u must've been really jobless!

Lara said...

Granny to bah...hilarious pics...abeg where is that dude in the swinsuit from

Helene said...

Oh wow, the one guy in the bathing suit...I'm speechless. Doesn't that hurt???

And I cannot believe that woman has such HUGE boobs. I mean, what's the point??

Omotee! said...

seun: yeah, really jobless! lol. tried to see ur blog but its for the chosen few. thanx for stopping by.

lara: hmm, my sister i no know o, his madness na first class

helene: oh well, i do hope it hurts him, lol! and the woman with the breasts, thats just.....dont know the word to use.
thanx for stopping by.

miss mgbeke: plus crazy. hope u had a great easter?

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