Friday, March 19, 2010


I can imagine all i've missed, been doing blog rounds. the internet went AWOL on me for about 2 weeks and as usual, i've been extremely busy, sometimes i just hate lawyers..... And nothing new's happening so.....

I've been having serious menstrual cramps since yesterday, the kind that grips u and makes u bowl over with really agonizing pains. Just made me wonder how childbirth is going to be if ordinary menstrual cramps is this bad, the mere thought of childbirth makes me shudder.... na wa.

But really, i want a lasting solution to this cramps thing, it makes my life really miserable, cramps, waist pain, back ache, giant headaches and dysentry. I take 2 capsules of felvene against all advice that i should stop it as its too strong. Pls dont tell me to go to the hospital, the only option is going to a private hospital and i will come back with a national bill for ordinary menstrual pain, am sure they'll want to admit me sef.
What really causes menstrual cramps anyway? i've heard many things, sugar intake etc but i just want to know and find a lasting solution. Help anyone?!?!

Away from cramps, there's this issue.....

Jos Crisis.

This is some very very saddening news. the jos thing is gradually turning into the infamous Hutsi and Tutsi thing except that we are not completely sure this is religous or ethnic crisis. It amazes me that some group of people will just wake up one day and decide its time to take innocent lives to prove a useless point. what do these demons really want?

It just got me thinking, while we are busy living our lives, taking each day as it comes with its wahala, trying to make money and pay bills etc someone just decides out of nowhere that its time to burn and destroy all u have and then kill you.
I'm trying to imagine how helpless those people could have been while facing an obvious and gruesome death, unprepared.
I'm trying to imagine what kind of demon would possess anyone to kill a pregnant woman and a child by cutting them up. Shooting from afar is equally gruesome, but looking into the eyes of a helpless child and cutting him up, why???

This has really got me sad. I really wish and pray something would be done to stop this madness.

My heart goes out to all those affected by the jos crisis. may God comfort them all.


rayo said...

awww, sori abt d mp, d tns we women go thru. jos makes me sad nd mad :(

Fragilelooks said...

pele. if its not there, we jump out of our skins finding it. lol. THE WHOLE JOS THING IS SAD.

2cute4u said...

Na waoh.. sorry hear?about the MP..You have to bear it, one day it won't be as painful as this.. Mine was like yours,Alongside the dysentery came throwing up,Just take panadol extra and bear it hear?Kpele..
Are interested in joining WE ARE JOS?
We are through with most of the basic, but it will be an honour to have you work with us..
please visit
We also have a banner.. would you want to paste it on your blog?

Myne Whitman said...

Sorry about the cramps, if you see an OB/GYN, they may be able to proffer a lasting solution, maybe contraceptives or so. Otherwise, cut back on your sugar and start on painkillers a couple of days before your period. Exercise also helps.

As for Jos, I'm just beyond mere words. It is terrible.

TayneMent said...

sorry about your cramps. have you tried birth control pills?

Fabulo-la said...

*ahem* The pill helps with the pain. Well atleast it helped with mine.

As for Jos....

I dont even have words sef

misspumping said...

learned colleague how are u hahaha doesnt that line make u want to scream

BuBu said...

Contraceptive, isnt that going to make u grow fatter.

As for Jos, its really saddening. the fact that we are not so sure of the cause of this madness is gettin to me.

A prayer for Jos!

Anonymous said...

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Omotee! said...

thanx y'all, guess i will just have to go and see and ob n gyn.
@miss pumping: lol, thanx for stopping by mine, read ur posts, cool!