Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So the News is......

I'm engaged. Yep!

No he didnt formally ask me to marry him.
He didnt give me any ring sef.

On Sunday 6th of March, we had our introduction. For Yorubas at least am sure we all do it, not sure its compulsory in other tribes.
Introductions are meant to be a quiet family affair but trust us yorubas, we do things in big big ways, hehehehe!
So Bubbly and his family came to beg (operating word being "Beg) for my hand in marriage seeing that am the best thing that happened to Bubbly :)
He did the whole dobale thing. They've been claiming they are royalty and the dont kneel or prostrate but they humbled themselves and knelt and prostrated! lol.

Then they came to get me, the whole fun fare, dancing and spraying. Of cos i loved the spraying part :)

The pictures turned out nicely, everyone looked happy. Ate good food and prayed and departed. It didnt take long, no unnecessary talks.

In all I give all glory to God for a beautiful introduction. The date is set and we shall begin the count-down together. Pls join me in prayers and ideas etc
I've been planning the wedding for a while now but I believe a lot is done with cash, see why una need to scabash for me ba? lol.

I've decided to buy a wedding dress eventually, no more renting. Am so certain am gonna leave it in my parents house after the whole ceremony.
I know am gonna make a trip to lag at least once. Abuja people are a bit limited and too expensive!!! haba! So here's where I need ur help. All the pictures and website addresses etc you can send, need them!

I've missed blogsville and its good to be back!

Tank u, tank u, tank u!


P.E.T. Projects said...

Congrats, officially we get to start calling you Iyawo. Hence, lemme say iyawo abi mo abi ibeji!

Dont worry, isnt it blogsville again... ha, u'll get referrals so tey, u'll beg for peeps to stop.

Just create a post for every new thing u're looking for, cross ur legs and see...

Im happy for you girl! Dont mind Bubbly, thats how they all pose until D-day they'll start postrating like their lives depend on it LOL.

You go girl!!! *wink

HoneyDame said...

Yay!!!!!!! A wedding in blgosville!!! I am rushing off to class now but I shai be back soonest...Dont kill yourself with preparations o!!!

HoneyDame said...

ehnehn! I yam back!!!
AWw...I am still confused about the sequence of marriage progression especially with the whole Western infusion and things. Should a lady accept a ring from the guy before Introduction? Does Introduction automatically translate as "Oya gve us wedding date within the next six months"? Or maybeI should just create a post for this.

As for prayers, lif dat tin, the devil sef go sabi! So what are your colors jare, lemme go a-scouting for ideas.D

Anoda Phase said...

congratulations...I'm sure u had a very nice day.

I too left my lovely wedding dress @ my parents'...'twas too bulky to bring home with me.

All the best with your wedding plans, and I pray you get good deals on all your shopping.

kitkat said...

wow! congrats girl!
wishing u a lovely married life.
can i be the Godmum of the first female child? :p

RepOne said...


mehn all the best with the planning oh TRY not to stress yourself out.

RepOne said...


mehn all the best with the planning oh TRY not to stress yourself out.

leggy said...

i hope everything works out for the best.

Fragilelooks said...

congrats dear. will be cabashing for u

Amazing Thots! said...

Congrats girl, know its gonna happen soon. Keep your peeps at blogville posted on the 'prep'. As per prayers, scabbash has started already. Wishing you all the best dear.

Hannah said...

OH Em Geee....
It's actually happening...yaay

Congrats my dear...
@first I thot u were punking us...woooow....Congrats again. I know a very good wedding planner, designer, the works in Lag.

Bee Gee Bridals
I'd get u more of the details. She's really good, not too expensive and has been on the cover of the wedding planner in Naij.

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

AWESOME!!...Congratulations and wish you all the best in this new season of your life

Omotee! said...

Hey everyone, thanks for your lovely comments, am happy!
been on awol....

The Corner Shop said...

Congratulations. Looking forward to more wedding preparation escapades :D