Friday, May 8, 2009


My issue is as bad as the topic, i am in a deep shit, literarily!!!
I have a friend, very nice guy, we met at salsa and been quite close since then. Sometimes i feel we are too close, he can leave my house late and i dont really mind cos i just see him as my friend. He has a nice relationship with all my friends that he knows. we have so much fun together. he is one of the main reasons why salsa is so much fun for me.
so today, i did the most stupidest thing.
he called this morning to invite me for a dinner party. my room mate (who has been hoping something happens between us) was very excited about it this as expected. i then sent her the following text:
"I am really praying and hoping "Fellow" doesnt ask me out, i'll feel very akward turning him down. y cant he just be who i want.?"
U can imagine what i did, yeah u guessed right, i FOOLISHLY AND STUPIDLY sent the text to him!!!!!!!!! (u are permitted to tell me how stupid i am).
u know how nokia fones are, it gives u recent call list and recently used options when u want to send messages. roomy had called earlier before Fellow and so i just stupidly sent it to Fellow.
My colleague said i should just send a text to say "sorry, pls that text wasnt meant for you, am sorry" which i did immediately but thats not going to wipe out my previous text. this is one moment i wish MTN will misbehave!! wish denied, Genie is dead!!!
Of cos i wont go to the dinner, guilt wont make me ride the same car with him or sit beside him.
But pls tell me, what can i do??? talk about it?? say nothing until he talks about it???? pls help me!!!!!!
I have been doing stupid mistakes this week. First was mis informing my boss on Monday that his 12pm flight was 2pm and i entered that yawa BIG TIME. i narrowly escaped by getting the tickets at the airport. might interest u to know that Fellow talked me out of the blues i got from it and see what i did to him.
today, i mistakenly filled the names of shareholders on my colleagues forms, he is in a good mood today so world war 3 was averted.
is something wrong with me? am i on some curse or what?
My colleague asked me what exactly is wrong with fellow that i cannot fathom a relationship with him. pls note, he isnt even asking me out yet o, he is just being nice and am sure he has guessed i dont have a serious boyfriend.
Fellow is ok, nice guy, very nice, friendly, the kind of person all ur friends get along with. good sense of humour, hard working and intelligent. all those things. I just do not like him that way. plus (now i expect u to think am crazy too), i am an inch taller than him, is that a silly excuse?
pls blogsville, talk to me, i need u now!!!!!!!!!!


Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Awwwww babe relax breath in and out ...

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Ok so you amde a silly mistake ...though the one you made at work was quite detrimental to the company don't do that again hun.

Do you have a lot on your mind? that your not focusing?

Hmm I would say talk to the guy or if not then just say it was not for him tho that is lying lol

all the best hun

rayo said...

i've done this b4, in a slytly worse manner. he'll get ova it, at least now he knows not to ask

Confessions of a London gal said...

Dang! Omotee u done it this time! :) i think u shud play it cool with him. Go to d dinner- its d least u can do 4 ur friendship with him. He'll undoubtedly bring it up, talk to him about how u really feel- sugarcoat it a bit if u've too. But do not insult his intelligence by lying to him. Fact dat d txt wasnt 4 him doesnt mean he doesnt know it was about him.
Good luck! :-)

LG said...

stooooooooooooooopid gal' haba!!!!
inshort wait 4 me dia!

Omotee! said...

@miss flyhigh:
funny enough, i dont think i have anything on my mind, at least, other than the normal issues that come with life.

would have said its not for him except that i went further by writing his name in the text!!!

Omotee! said...

thats true sha, he will get over it, i just feel soooooooooo bad sha. in ur case, what did u do? ah, rayo!!!!!!!!!!

ok. altho the dinner thing is slipping out of my hands as Big Boss has told us to attend NBA meeting. am stewed either ways.
he'll keep looking at me at the dinner like "see her, shio!"

na u know, u dey rub salt upon my injury!!!

QMoney said...

yeeparipa yeepa!!
i make dis mistake all d time but thankfully,e never tough reach dis one
send him a txt saying"i will appreciate it if u act like u never got that txt,i dont want to ever talk about it,thanks"
If he agrees,now wat dis will do is buy u and me time to further brainstorm,in d meantime act normal,go out for the dinner with him,keep actin normal till he asks one day and we all can laugh over it.may i add that i know how u feel

simeone said...

its s**t quite alrite but not as deep as it lookss..:-).relax..its happened already..does he know you refer to him as fellow..?
free urself o..just let it all can bring back the hands of tym..if you feel like talking about it..tell him..i must warn you sha..that will make him like/love you more...and if you dont wanna talk 'bout it just tell him and do something like an apology..

simeone said...


Danny BaGucci said...

Methinks you are flustered.... Sure Mister is not doing things to your head? I kid..

I think you should just relax - you made a mistake -- if you didn't specifically mention his name in the SMS, it could mean anyone! And dude would be remiss if he jumped to the conclusion that you were talking about him..

Guess the next steps are key - and depend on what direction you think you want to go.. If you think dude is an option then damage limitation should be it.. else u might as well damn the consequences.. My gut feeling tho is that it will turn out inconsequential in the long run!

LusciousRon said...

WHAT? You didn't tell me all this was happening o!
Deep breath, Like Rayo said he will get over it. Go for the dinner and brazen it out. You are my girl show me what you got!

For all the work, he may not even know he is the one in question. Acting up will make him feel awkward/suspicious.

Good luck. Life won't stop you know. Be more careful with boss o.

rayo said...

insulted a guy, really bad words oh nd instead of sendin it to my girl friend, sent it to him instead. twas hard to live it down sha

Afrobabe said...

just pretend to fellow you were talking about some fellow that has ben buging you...

as for not focusin and aking happens..You know that feeling when yor finger is about to press send and you realise you are sending it to the wrong person but cant stop ur finger on time?? Yes, we al have it...

BSNC said...

that was some mistake sha, well we all make mistakes every now and then

Act like it was someone else or just talk to him.

well i guess you are NOT just into him. if you really like someone, it doesn't matter if he is 1 or 2 inches shorter..

Luscious Lu said...

Omo! I know how you feel and trust me,yours is not the worst case scenario. In my own case,i sent a txt meant for an ex to my boyfriend and it ended with "i miss you too sometimes". Of course i lied that i sent it to my sis and luckily i didnt put a name. He didnt believe me but i insisted and he just let it go.

However this is kinda bad but like i said apologise to him,come out plain with him and tell him how you feel afterall,you didn't abuse him. Don't wait till he brings it up o,it'll be worse.

You have no problem dear,things like this just happens. Just take it easy and be more careful when doin things.

Omotee! said...

hey, thanks y'all for the advice, guess i have to do a clarification, doing a post on that now............

TDVA said...


All ihave to say is i'm cringing deeply on your behalf!!!!!

sorry dearie but...damn!

i think other people have better opinions

Anonymous said...

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