Saturday, May 9, 2009

Follow up on yesterday's deep shit:

Thanks everyone for the advice et al. Though now i realise i didnt make myself very clear, in the text, i wrote out his name, in full! just wrote it here as Fellow for anonymity's sake, so just replace Fellow with a guy's name, thats what makes it such a deep shit!!!!

if there was no name there, i would have easily told him it wasnt meant for him or about him.

Antyways, i sent a text to him yesterday, immediately after i realised my mistake and per advice of my colleagues, saying, sorry the text was not meant for u. am so sorry.

Fellow did not respond, he just called much later around 6pm:

Fellow: Omotee how now? where are u?

Me: Just leaving office, going home now (my heart was doing 340 at the mo but i was good at covering it)

Fellow: Apparently mo ti be (which means "i have been forward") cos i just learnt we are not allowed to bring in guests for the dinner (which is a civil way of saying i dont wanna see u)

Me: ehn ehn? ok then, no problem.

Fellow: ok then, hope u r fine sha? take care (said very nicely like nothing happened).

Me: Ok. "CLick".

I have re-read the text message a zillion times and tried the to re-wind time but Geenie don travel. I still feel bad cos i know it will spoil the friendship we had or at least put a strain on it. but then, its one of those things i guess. i have even laughed over it.

Thursday will tell when we see at salsa. knowing him, he probably will just say hi politely, ignore me and pretend like nothing happened. its not exactly a broachable topic. if he ever talks about it, its an opportunity for him to say "Omotee, i was just being a friend, i had nothing in mind, didnt know ur mind will travel that far" and it will be my turn to look and feel stupid and foolish.

abeg, i don free myself jo! shirappens!

Of cos we all know that will be being economical with the truth.

Funny thing is, i have done this foolish thing before. i was to send Luscious Ron a text about an ex who was getting funny with me and i sent it to the guy in question! luckily all i said was: "i must be mad o, i just had 5 mins of serious sizzling kissing with my ex!"

so he replied and said: "nobody is mad! mind urself o! next time i catch u, it will be hours of serious sizzling kissing!" and we just laughed it off.
i have been extra cautious in text messaging since yesterday.

thanks everyone and have a great weekend!


Danny BaGucci said...

LOL.. Might be a case for using creative monikers in discussing your romantic interests amongst your friends...

Buttercup said...

i just went to read the previous

well, yea, hes obviously hurt, u have no choice but to give him time to get over sure he will..

i've made that mistake repeatedly..damn nokia!

Repressed One said... ESQ, I just read the last about putting your foot in your mouth...chei!! Poor 'fellow'

Yea...give him time. Hopefully you all can actually talk about it someday n maybe even laugh it off.

BSNC said...

give him time. Hopefully he will get over it

Sweetnothin' said...

he'll get over time...give him time.

Anonymous said...

lol..he sounds pretty cool like he will get over it.

wienna said...

This is one of the reasons why texting is bad and sometimes dangerous.

bArOquE said...

now hear this, you must be a very careless person, for you to make such mistakes...& i'm not talking about being stupid or anything, i'm talking just plainly not giving sufficient attention or thought to avoiding harm or mistakes...& that is not a plus for a woman. you're gonna have to make a conscious effort at reversal of this character...however, very interesting posts you have, so far

Writefreak said...

I had to read your previous post to understand this.

He's probably just stewing still from that text message. Give him some time, he should get over it and you guys might even be able to laugh about it someday.

Years ago, i was upset with my boss and wanted to send my friend a text regarding it, guessed right, i sent the text to my boss! lol..i couldn't explain myself out of it!

Anonymous said...

LOL........... HAHA. Omo o ti se e leyi te o. I don dey tell u since. Well sha like they all said he will get over it and who knows may he is the answer to your prayers. U knw now. LOL...HAHAHAHA.

Woomie O! said...

May I ask why you don't want to date him? Because if you really don't like him enough to date him, you're worrying too much about his feelings...and yours.
Your 'mistake' is just one method of 'discharging' guys o my sister.
Please let us know how it goes o jare.



Had to go read the original post. He'll be fine.

TDVA said...

mehn, i can't wait to hear the end of this. let the stalking begin!!!

TDVA said...

i kinda like the way hes handling it for now though. pretense/denial is sweet.

rayo said...

jabo jabo. lol.