Monday, June 8, 2009


Hey y'all! whats good? been ages.
I've been managing to read some blogs and drop comments when i can. I have been extremely busy (thats everyone's cliche, who dey play with sand?!). Work seems to be unending and am always on the move! I wish the plenty wahala would show by some weight reduction but no, i still look the same!
And truthfully, i havent posted any cos i havent gotten anything nice to blog about, but then, i have one, no, two issues bothering me that i want to share. this first issue was inspired around 12.59 this morning, i just felt my blog folks might be able to help:
My house/accomodation/room (its a self-con flat, with kitchen inside the room) is quite spacious and neat. I am not exactly extremely neat but i'm quite neat; empty my trash cans, dont (always) leave plates overnight, sweep my room and generally keep the room in good shape. i have a room mate that's quite neat too, we make a good team. i love scrubbing floors and washing anything. i have a friend that's kinda squatting (long story) so that makes 3 women but we do well, room is quite big.
So my reason for this elaborate description is this: why da hell would cockroaches try to steal my peace???!!!! i absolutely hate junks, i throw away anything that represent junks, i have no emotional attachment to bottles and nice containers, so, to the best of my ability, i make sure they have no place in my home. there's camphor in every frigging corner of my room cos i heard they keep them away but guess what??!! just like winch, those stupid creatures show up at night, when u are in deep sleep and creep on u!!! they probably have a secret headquarters in my room or something. yes, its sad but true! we dare not sleep without cans of raid or baygon and sleepers and brooms nearby, all bcos of those little demons!
you have to see the rate and speed at which we wake up, put on the torch and start searching for cockroach, its almost crazy, u feel anything on ur skin or cover-cloth, u just jump, like some automated machine programmed to jump. the sight is very funny but we never laugh cos its annoying! my roomy actually prayed about it!
can u imagine?! chics like us, cockroach dey harrass us. i have used all the liquids and insecticides that i have seen and all they do is keep away for hours and show up later. we kill at least one every frigging day! pls, just before i go find babalawo to do jazz, what can i do again? am sincerely annoyed! they've interrupted beautiful dreams and my sound sleep severally and then i dream later that a cockroach entered in between my bread and i toasted and ate them!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS HELP!!!!!!
i'll do a post on the next bugging issue. just before i do, may i ask, what da hell is wrong with being a MISS?!?!?!
details later.
my friend and i (from previous post) are gradually coming back to terms. we been gisting and we danced for hours together yesterday. he sure did get over it, or so i hope. details later too.


BSNC said...

Maybe the people who stay close to you are dirty because you have done all you were suppose to do.

Anonymous said...

lol..or maybe its just the change in seasons...?
lmao. Pele o

Repressed One said...

Ah, i was going to leave a comment on your old post asking if my ESQ is alive and well. Good to see you are.

lol@ roaches chasing you up and down. Pele oh, that sucks!

oh, good to know u n 'ole dude are doing better...that gist will prob take another month :p

Sugabelly said...

It's spelled La Cucaracha.

That being said the ppl are just dirty.

Omotee! said...

well, now that u mention it, maybe its coming from other people's room ba? hmm, thats hard o, what will i now do? biko?

that'd be one heck of a long season o! thanx for stopping by.

@repressed one:
thanx dear, am alive and well, just work trying to overpower me but God no gree.
yeah, the roaches suck major time! maybe they heard about my post cos i ddint see any today.

Omotee! said...

hey, thanx for that, will add it to my dictionary. and thanx for stopping by.

and yeah, my neighbours are not exactly neat. they're quite elderly and not always around (my flatmates so to speak), i dont know what their rooms look like but they are old men who dont care about the state of the house, i do the sweeping of the whole flat. see my life! maybe i will do jazz afterall!

simeone said...

lol..pls madam..thers war in iraq..and all that jazz..i can tbe bothered by ur cokaracha plight..

LG said...

LWKM omoge talk true jare, u n dos cockroach(es) get sumn :-)

*bawo ise

RocNaija said...

Okay.. So seeing as noone suggested any remedies.. I think you should see if you can lay your hands on a repellant..
Dunno where you are but they're usually in DIY stores.. Kinda like a powdery thing..

Or if you can get someone to purchase some for you.. Might just do the trick..

Just dont be dreaming funny dreams when you feel them walking along your skin ever so lightly.. :D

Omotee! said...

abi o my brova, thats my own personal iraqi war o!

@ise de my dear, me and dem roaches go get divorce soon! how u dey?

My Rock!!!!
u r a very nutty somebody! trust me, i cant think of "that" when roach dey touch my skin, its a huge difference.

and thanx for the solution jare, at least u proferred one, everybody just dey laff me and d issue dey worry me. u r truly my roc!

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL @ roaches harrassing y'all. Pele o...Hmmm try baking soda, I heard it works.

Omotee! said...

@original mgbeke:
ehn ehn? baking soda? i'm buying a drum tonight! thanx o!

and thanx for stopping by!

Sweetnothin' said...

wait till you're stressed and kill the hell out of them. that should get rid of them

p.s. nice blog

Chi-Chi said...

omgosh lol
sorry about that
wish i could help.


eeewww roaches!

Is there any construction around your building or in your building? Sometimes, roaches will come in to your flat because of that. Also, if you have a filthy neighbor, roaches will come in through air vents. I would hate to think one of your flat mates is a closet-mess.

All else fails, report to landlord, let them deal with it, right?