Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Halloz good people!
Remember Mr. Nice? That very nice man that wanted to marry me? Ok, read Jacob and Esau, he was Jacob.
So, in February, my younger brother came from school to spend a few days with me. My AC was bad and we had just a standing fan, it was extremely hot but repairing an old AC or buying another one was not in my budget then.
So Mr. Nice came on a hot sunday afternoon, brought me an electrician to repair my old AC. oga elect said my AC was very old fashioned and almost useless and there'll be no sense repairing it. so i said thanks, do not bother. Mr. Nice took oga elect away and a few mins later, they came back with a tokunbo AC and fixed it.
I told Mr. Nice i wasnt ready to buy an AC o, that he shouldnt bother. my friends eyed me and said to shut up. "Thats his own humble way of buying me an AC so i should stop behaving naive and foolish". So he said we should manage it (teasingly) so my brother will enjoy his stay. meanwhile, he said it was a temporary arrangement thing. Duration? Payment? I asked and he refused to answer, smiled and kept quiet.
Meanwhile, neither the AC nor Mr. Nice's nice gestures were able to secure a relationship. i just never liked him, there was something unreal about him. To spoil it all, he started complaining about my friends, one in particular, according to him was too loud for his liking. Now, i do not like guys who think u should discard all ur friends just bcos he's your boyfriend. And pls note, in this case, i had not even agreed to date Mr. Nice, that was crystal clear! and yet he wanted to start sacking my friends! later he will give me his list of approved friends, shio!
without longing things, Nice disappeared, left AC.
suddenly out of the blues, Nice sends me a text saying "hi. d xter that rented the AC will be coming for it, he has refused to sell and using the impulsive deal i had with him to exploit me. let me know when he can see you".
Ehn! can u imagine? i ignored the text, waiting for him to text. then two days later he sends anotehr one saying "hi. guess u didnt get my earlier text, cant pay the aircondition man a dime again after almost 20k, unless he's ready to sell. let me know when he can come for it. Nice".
Eh! people no dey get shame o! this same guy was pestering me last year to take one of his cars, seeing that i have no car and he has 3 and he doesnt want to see me suffer. i refused to take his car, i dont think i need it now i said. i just thot i couldnt take a car from someone who wanted to marry me and i wasnt ready. my awuf no dey reach like that. so, i wonder what would have happened if i had taken the car? na so i go dey shockingly naked cos the mechanic would want the care back!!!
so we exchanged several text messages, i told him to come carry his AC on sat morning, that i wonder what took him so long blah blah blah. the guy was furious and started sending texts of how he had spent 40k! and lately he sent me a text saying "I" should remove the AC myself and put it by my door so the electrician can come pick it.
E gbami o! shuoo! so now am an electrician! of cos i let him know there's a reason i read law and just in case he has forgotten, i am a woman! let the bloody electrician or himself come and remove the AC and fix my old one back! shame still dey catch am, he hasnt called me since. i swear the next time he calls or texts concerning him, i will shock him. i have plans for him whenever he comes to remove his AC.
i mean, all this fuss over tokunbo AC wey i no beg for o! i was happy and contended with my fan o! yeye man! he pulled that stunt that day to impress my friends and brother, they all just felt "oh, he's so kind and caring". greek gift! am buying a chacha AC right after i pay my house rent. shio!
something just made me happy sha, i'm glad i refused to date or marry this guy, something was wrong tho i couldnt place a finger to it. all my friends thot i was stupid for not dating this "highly nice and comfortable guy". am glad i didnt. wetin for happen?


Repressed One said...

LMAO!!! Mr. AC ohhh...nothing in life is free. Not many people do 'nice' things without wanting something in return.
Biko give am back hin temporary AC especially as you asked for how long and for how to pay. Na wa!!

Nice Anon said...

na wa oh. Do small thing and whine about it like you have done a big thing. LOL he is a trip. What the hell? he dislikes your friend ke? That is the same girl he will go after next. No be men

Chi-Chi said...

lucky you!!
what a giy, hisss
just AC for that matter, you can imagine the rest hmmm

Fluffycutething said...

I can't stop laughing here oh... anyway i've heard some fellow collected all the clothes he bought for his girlfriend when they broke up!!!!!!!!!!!! LMHO

simeone said... 4 u o..good u made the right decisions ..
the guy no try at all

omotee said...

@repressed one:
see me, i don tell am make e come carry his ac tey tey o! he still hasnt shown up.

@nice anon:
no mind am! thats how most of them are, but this one is on a higher level of shamelessness, i mean, he should have chucked it up in his bad debt account or something!

@chi chi:
thanx for stopping by.
its not just ac, just tokunbo ac o!

WHAT?!?! as in, all the cloths wey chic don wear?!?! guy must be a sad assed m...f.....?!?!?! GOd forbid, i rebuke such men from my radar IJN! shio!

BSNC said...

lol he should go and hide his face under the bed. Can you imagine, its not like you asked for his help o. yeye man hiss.

Omotee! said...

na true yeye man! i intend to call him up later today to remind him that he should come and take his AC out.

how u dey jare?

chayoma said...

Nothing dey happen!
after all the 3 moto wey him own!
Mscheww.... tokunbo AC na the thing wey person go use do chakara....
laff don carry me today tire...

Shubby Doo said...

lol...the guy was ego tripping...shame to see that there wasnt really any substance behind the gesture

RocNaija said...

This is jut so typical of some guys..
God go catch am now make e talk say e no see your old AC again.. Cos chances are the electrician would have sold it or something..


What Nigerian Women deal with. said...

lol at coming to collect the AC. lol

Omotee! said...

Nne see life o, okrika AC!
thanks for stopping by!

big shame init?! i just look fwd to seeing him again, maybe he'll run for cover!

my roc! i bin wan report am to u sef, he should know i gotta Roc!
No o! my old AC dey my house o!

@what nigerian women deal with:
just checked out ur blog now and am so tripped! thanx for stopping by!

lamikayty said...

Na wa o! No shame and you say he is a man or a boy? lol! Happy it wasnt a gift you swallowed, cos like the Tortoise he would have made you vomit it!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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