Friday, July 25, 2008

boyfriend issues

so, i dont have a boyfriend, its no big deal (abi? i guess).

not like i havent had before o, i have had one actual boyfriend, the rest are replicas of boyfriends or what boyfriends should be.

- the first replica was a neighbour. i absolutely refuse to call him my first boyfriend. it was a very silly thingi. in fact, i refuse to talk about it. i still see him and he hasnt grown up since then. pity!

- second was also a replica cos it lasted for like 2 months! i have an excuse sha, i just got to abuja, had no friends. was bored. so bored girl meets nice boy and so i got hooked. the nigger didnt show signs of being serious or intending to be. d boy just started being BUSY, then later, he forgot to call and then he was sick and ........... wetin i wan hear again? dat time, i dey law school, before i go waste my family's co-orp money, na im i commot jeje.

- third was an actual boyfriend. seemed like the perfect story.

met at a wedding i didnt wanna go. nice cute uniformed boy (as in Soldier o), well -mannered and to cap it all, my namesake! how sweet can it be. bobo talked marriage, to cut it short, bobo took me home sef! how was i sposed to know bobo was a bloody time-waster? to cut it short, bobo was more interested in keeping the peace of nigeria more than he needed a rel. with me. who was i to compete with such magnanimous task?!

nwayz, bobo has been the last real rel or man in my life. operating word being "real". there has been others to fill in my time but i cant call them boyfriend.

right now, i have a male figure (lets refer to him as MF) in my life. has anyone read Kemi's Journal? bidemi sanusi must have had me in mind when she wrote the book cos its a very similar thing going on with me.

MF is nice, very tall, brilliant, very annoying (takes pleasure in doing that) etc but not a xtian! dont wanna discuss it.

fortunately or unfortunately (not sure now), i have been reading "he's just not that into you" by Greg something and Liz somebody. i hate and love the Greg guy all at the same time!

following the book should make me leave MF like a bad habit. my pastor also must not know i deal with boys like MF, am sposed to be a worker fa!

nwayz, i havent sent him off cos rite now, i feel very weak and loney plus MF is sooooo tall and cute (as if dats all there is to life). i have a feeling that i may not be wise until a near disaster happens and boy, dat will be gangsta!

unfortunately i practically have no life other than my work at the mo. i am even here most saturdays! how da hell am i sposed to get a boyfriend?! my colleague, male, has been telling me to find a way of not coming to work on sats cos he doesnt see how i will get a bobo that way. yeah right, like say na im go pay my salary or employ me if dem chase me commot!

but i also know that i have to leave MF if i want a real man. instead, i keep doing kwanangida in MF's house (ok, i have stopped that now)!

relating to the kwanangida gist:

one day (think the last) wey i go do kwanangida, something near disaster happened, thats why i had to stop the whole kwanangida thingi.

as we left MF's house, na im we run into his 2 former Ogas who are my Ogas brothers in the profession (u know how it is with lawyers)! both of them know me. one of them is a lesser threat cos he already knew bout us (we are sposed to be an item) but the 2nd one, ah, i wasnt prepared for the shock o!

yeah, am an adult and i shouldnt care about what pipo say or think abi? not exactly o, i still care to an extent hence the slight embarrasment. at the gate we met yet another lawyer who is close to my Oga!

that was my warning cos 3 of my colleagues, including Oga Patapata's family live in the same estate with MF! eti mi melo (pulled my 2 ears) and suspended kwanangida SINE DINE!

back to MF and I: its a really complicated thingi jare. join me in praying that i become wise! amin o!

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