Wednesday, July 23, 2008

About Me!

Just when i thot i had the courage to put something sensible down, the stupid internet coughed and erased my stuff! am so pissed!

anyway, i still am in the process of getting to know myself. in the process, i think i got these figured out:

- I hate the dark, it fills me with a sense of terror. yet, i cant sleep with lights on. i'd rather go to sleep with the thots of ghosts than put on the light to sleep.
- I have no resistance for cakes, ice-creams, chocolates and yoghurts (little wonder am fat, did i tell u i was a size 12 - 14?!)
- I am a pessimist. Thanx to my mum, she's been preaching positive thinking, think am changing too.
- I hate the idea of working 8 - 6, i think its unfair but i'd rather that than sit at home, i'd probably go bonkers and drive the people around me crazy!
- I never get my job done when i have too much time to do it. give me a short date to do something almost impossible and i get it right
- i am a terrible romantic. think cinderella stories, they make me uhhhhhh, so mushy mushy!
- i love jewelries, yet, i hardly have them.
- i fantasize about being a sniper, i actually have since i was 8 yrs or so(i try to tell myself am not a murderer)
- i cry a lot, for the most stupidest things
- I am a DD (as in DOUBLE DANG boob cups), sometimes i hate it, sometimes it makes me feel like...waoh! aint these good?!
- i love my younger brother (only sibbling) but i have never been able to tell him, it just feels silly!
- i really, really, really hate dinners or anywhere i have to form ajebo and eat with fork and knife! i sincerely find it hard to use fork and knife for rice or stuff like that. my father don teach me tire
- i looooooove owambes (translation unavailable)! figures, am as yoruba as they come
- ok, gotta rest it here, who cares what i am or like sef?!

i am begining to bore even me and you too i guess, so i will just rest it here!


Mekistein said...

Lol...i love ur blog....totally hilarious.....wld like to be blog friends with someone like wats up?

Omotee! said...

@ mekistein
Hey thanx a lot! i just got baptised into the blogging thingi, i feel silly tho like "who wrote this trash?" thanx sha, am encouraged!

Blogger said...

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