Friday, January 30, 2009


Valentine has come again and i am so glad its a saturday! i will so clean my crib, go to work and later to church (maybe) and wont witness too much lovey dovey things and gifts flying all over the place. I am not so sure church will be safe tho, all those chics with their gifts and calls and boyfriends..... pls!

Ok, i know i sound jealous and envious, truth is I am! i was kinda hoping this year would be better, with a better boyfriend (or the previous one get better), nicer gifts and all the works but alas, its not happening!

anyway, before u start abusing or pitying me (woreva), i have made plans alright. the plans still need money to actualise them and i am working towards obtaining from some stupid mugus around me now.
i intend to buy a whole jar of blue bunny, peppered spicey chicken, rich lovely and sinful chocolate cake from ovens and a few hours to myself, considering how annoyingly full and busy my saturdays are.

so, i have made my plans. let no man ask me whats up for vals except u want to send me somethng.
in case u want to, pls here are a few of my desires for val:

- a lovely bra (i am a 34 DD)
- perfumes (thats my latest fancy and no, i wear perfumes all the time, wont be my first) as long as its designer and its not JLO or FLOWER, pls!
- lovely wrist watch
- a sinful choc. cake


deola said...

I will definitely send you the first on the list!


LusciousRon said...

That is some nice plan. I need me some chocolate cake too. Call me when you want to go order!

badguyturnsaint said...

Its al'rite, but don't you think there is much to this wonderful gift of 24hours called Valentine Day? Abeg go show someone/body/people love. I wont mind sending the first on the list too. Your address please?

LG said...

LOLLL dearie'if d brazy no size u'
u sabi my haus sabi??? :)

omotee said...

oh, thanks my darling, will expect it jare.

yes now, i want exactly the one u gave me during the conf, i have been dreaming about it for a while now.

what could be better? ehn? tell me?
whats wrong with showing ME some love!
ok, i dont mind that u want to send me the first item on the list, thank u. send me ur email addy and i will give u my address. deal?
if ur wife catches u, it will be none of my biz, u hear so?

Omotee! said...

send am first, if e no size me i go adjust am! kin ji ko?!
i go find ur house, no try me o! u no u popular

Danny Bagucci said...

any progress on the gifts? knowing NIPOST, they might get delivered in March, except you get them ordered now.. lol.... I think its my first time here...

OluwaDee said...

Seems I should make plans for vals.

Omotee! said...

and what happened to DHL and others?!! ehn? still expecting o! thanx for stopping by, will check on urs

of cos! especially since am in ur plans, abi now?!
how u dey dear?

mizchif said...

Ben & Jerry's sounds like such a good idea, especially as i don't intend to leave my hse this weekend, to be watching ppl swap spit at evry corner.