Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great Discovery

Just wanted to do a small post to lay the issue of MF to rest. Its not a very nice story, but i will do it all the same:
MF got married in December 2008. No, i did not know about it until last sunday and no, MF did not tell me about it. so a very "nice anonymous caller" called me to give me the info. Yes, i was shocked out of my brain, MF cant be that real.
anonymous caller gladly called again to let me know where to find the wedding pictures. very beautiful.
How do i feel? Hmm, thats a tough one but i will described it in a few words: i was numb, hurt, dumbfounded, stupefied, hurt. yeah, hurt.
MF found out about my blog somehow and read everything so he knew the truth about himself. So i know he will read this post too.
I am hurt and drained but gladly, am back on my feet. I am a great believer in "shit happens, get over it". so, am trying.
But i tell u this: it does hurt, hurt like crazy.
Lets see it as a fresh 09 just starting.


Anonymous said...

Ok Dear, I must go back to read your past post on MF so I can properly cuz him out for you. Will be right back.

Anonymous said...

Sorry o dear...Hugs and kisses...no worries you will get your own.

LusciousRon said...

Darling thank God the fool is out of your life. Imagine being married to his deceptive ass?

Yours will come and we shall celebrate.

omotee said...

thanks darling, yes i will. and i am fine.

thanx o! in fact, i am getting better faster than i thot, shit happens, the sun still shines and life moves on.

AlooFar said...

Well, it's important that you're back on your feet. And you are. Good. Cheers.

FFF said...

interesting. pele. in life, shit happens all d time

Anonymous said...


Omotee! said...

yep, back on my feet, still hurts a bit but yeah, back on my feet. thanx

abi o, thanx for stopping by jare.

@anonymous G:
hopefully there are, tho i intend to conduct intensive serch on them now, so i dont pick the very wrong ones again. thanx dearie!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Shit does happen but get over it and get moving without giving the "shitter" the satisfaction of seeing you down and out.

Emeka Amakeze said...

Shit does happen but get over it and get moving without giving the "shitter" the satisfaction of seeing you down and out.

LG said...

urs will come....shortly'
(i no hear ur amen o :-)

seamstress said...

Honey..it does hurt, yours is on its way and it'll be way better.

chin up

omotee said...

thanks a lot, am encouraged. i really cant believe how fast i have moved on, in fact, i dont feel so angry anymore, just dont ever wanna see him

u don hear am ba?

omotee said...

hey, thanx sweetie, thanx for dropping by. will check urs out too........