Friday, February 13, 2009


Just about mid last year, i found out there was a salsa dance club in Abuja. asides Dance with Me and some salsa music i listen to, i had no idea what salsa was all about, just know its a dance.

so, i went with my friend then to the Dome, i imagined it would be nice to see something else other than my colleagues at work, court rooms, church and boring lawyers.........

So, we went for salsa and i was so elated when i got there! i mean, it was such a beautiful sight! i never knew lots of Nigerians could salsa like that, it was so so beatiful. i got hooked right from that day. Of cos i couldnt make it every thursday and i didnt (and still havent) enrolled for classes plus MF was still in my life then and he made sure he played the what-do-they-do-there card whenever i wanna go and so naturally, i would stay with him than go for salsa.

But by October or so, i knew i wanted to have a life that a man would try to fit in to and not a life waiting to be filled up by some mystery man. it just might turn out to be a waiting for Igodo case (some home video, dont know what it means).

I got hooked and thursdays became happy days for me, i hardly miss salsa days. the only snag was that, the pros dont really like to dance with learners, i know it kills the fun but they can at least try. the slim and very fine girls get lucky, some pros try to come down to their level. and hey, i aint slim, but i consider myself beautiful, so i aint whining!
but eventually, i settled into it and made sure i had fun.
recently i found a patient teacher, he can dance with pros and find time for perpetual learners like me. you had to see me yesterday, i felt like a pro myself! with my skirt and high heeled sandals, turning and swinging and being so happy, of cos at the same time trying to ignore my painful feet!
On the dance floor, u find very interesting and funny xters. take for example, my funny neighbour that i invited. this bros dey very very igbotic (apologies to my igbo folks, aint yabbing u o biko!). this guy on the first day wore shirt and pants all tucked in and serious canoe looking shoes like he was going back to work! and then somehow he decieved himself into believing he could pick up fast cos he saw Dance with Me recently and practiced at home! oh boy, i pitied my friend who had to dance with him a whole of 30 mins during classes (they have 30mins class just before the party), the guy gripped her like he would grip iron! i had 3 mins of hell with him, i developed a migraine immediately. of cos, he must have figured the guy with the softer touch killed the migraine some 20 mins later.

there's also this funny guy who happens to attend my church. we call him "Mr. Stiff Neck". the guy dances like a zombie, he tells u where he wants u to move like a soldier giving command, imagine that kind of proud man trying to teach u to dance! and then, he probably thinks deodorants or perfumes were created for some other kind of people different from him. Mr. Stiff Neck! which makes me want to ask, pls how does one tell a guy politely to use a frigging deodorant or perfume without hurting his ego?! and that being a man does not give u the permission to "afro" ur armpit hair?! anyone has answers?

And theres the chic who was dancing last night, she wore jeans and left her fly open for whatever reasons. everyone had to bear the pains of watching her white strings! maybe am being bush, pls tell me, is that supposed to be some kind of fashion?!

Anyway, the point of all these plenty talk is this:

Its nice to have a life. Its nice to do something fun and interesting just for the purpose of being happy with yourself. Its much more fulfilling than praying and hoping and waiting for that person to come and spice up your life. Now i dont mean to sound like a Matyr or "Strong Woman", i do love love (and men), but theres more to life than waiting endlessly on him.

happy vals day people.

And i still expect my gift(s)!!


Au Naptural said...

First time here...

Ha! Sounds like a great time, save for the stinky afro pit guy.

I went salsa dancing last night and it was just what I needed to get me out of my funk. I wonder, is Thursday the universal night of Salsa?

mizchif said...

LMAO @ "mr stiff neck and his afro armpit hair".
I sooo wish i cld take dance classes.

Make sure u have a blast!

Anonymous said...



Padosh said...

sounds like mad fun!!! Wish i could dance salsa too!!

Omotee! said...

@Au Naptural:
Now that u tell me urs is thursdays too, maybe its universal.
one thing is certainly universal tho, its loads of fun, right?

thanx for stopping by, will surely visit urs soon.........

Omotee! said...

try salsa my dear, its wonderful (they aint paying me for this advert o, make i charge them?)

who says u cant?! u should try it!

thanks darling, i am doing good, as u can see.


salsa dancing? salsa dancing? salsa dancing? u can't be serious!

i'd pay to learn to dance nigerian music...

Anonymous said...

@secret diary:
seriously! i could teach u to dance every kind of nigerian dance, even atilogwu. hope u can pay? thanx for stopping by

simeone said...

nice write..sounds like fun..even will be alot of work to get me to salsa...hope u cool..
so who be mr stiff neck o.. i wanna know...peace


Indeed. it is wise to have things we do that have no other value than they make us happy. That will only add to our development and satisfaction, which makes us a better and more whole person, when a relationship comes around.

This Salsa class sounds like fun. I have 'instructed' my hubby that we will take some sort of dance class once our children are old enough to be left unsupervised. The poor man thinks I am joking, lol!

Omotee! said...

@ simeone:
hey u! thanx for stopping by.
i aint telling who stiff neck is, u wan put me for trouble ni?!
plus, stiff neck is actually becoming nicer, someone said he probably is just sooooo shy which i doubt, anyways, i still aint telling!

Omotee! said...

@mrs. sydelle:
isnt it nice to have u here! thanx for stopping by.

yeah, thanx, i am committed to things that will make me happy, i keep exploring other options everyday.

and make sure u drag oga for that dance thing, will be fun!

rayo said...

sweetheart, its not lyk that. been havin exams nd all. ok no excuse i know but ma binu si mi

LG said...

oyaaa today is friday o UPDATE!!! abi u stil dey wait for the bra

*hope u r doing well sha' howz ur dance class

Bibi said...

sounds like fun and i envy you your thursdays. @ the fly undone girl, ewwwww. FIRST

StandTall-The Activist said...

I tried dancing Salsa with some pro and like you said it bore them to dance with beginners... Salsa is fun but I am not salsa dancer yet....

Omotee! said...

i have missed u darling, i know u cant fashi mi, as u no get another omotee, abi? whats good?

yes am still waiting for my bra, u think i go forget?! thanx love, i promise to update today, and u have to read and comment no matter how boring it is, so gbo? hope u good too? i feel loved!

hey, thanx for dropping by, will check urs too. oh, and the chick burttoned her jeans last thursday, thats an improvement!

@ standtall:
hey, thanx for stopping by. and about the pro thing, they started as learners too so dont be discouraged, no biggie!

StandTall-The Activist said...

You are right

Abuja Club Salsa said...

Hey Omotee! Pretty cool article you've got there on Salsa in Abuja. I was both curious and enjoying the article as I read everyline. Oh by the way, I am Dare Salsa - the brain behind and the guy who puts the whole thursday salsa thing together at the Dome. Sure you know we've moved aight? Yeah, we have and now same day - thrusdays, same time - 7pm at Club 903, Nicon Luxury Hotel (former Le Meridien), Area 11, Garki, Abuja. Hey!, do you wanna give me a buzz ?!? - 08035762379. I'll like to pick out your face from the many and of course get to know your patient teacher :)Also check out the Salsa Abuja Blog -

Omotee! said...

@abuja club salsa:
waoh, this is a big surprise! how on earth did u find me out? never knew "oga" dare would find out!
u r doing a great job there, thanks to u, life is plenty fun for lots of us.
of cos i know about the move, knew about it right from the move. u do have my number and i have urs. but am not sure i want u to know me yet.

see ya today!