Thursday, April 9, 2009


I read Repressed One's blog yesterday and its a really good piece, inspiring, thot provoking. If i wont be guilty of stealing copyright (or somfin), that piece inspired this post.
(And make i no lie, i get brain block or something and life is generally uneventful at the mo, hence this ........ post)

The post made me realise how ungrateful i have been.

Dont get me wrong, I am always so full of thanks to God, but its almost as much as i complain and nag Him about the things He has not done. Sometimes i want to have a tete-a-tete with God and say things like "Baba, I offend u? You answer some people sharp sharp but my own go tey, wetin i do sef?"

Sometimes, i see people, who i feel i am better than, characterwise etc. and they seem to get the best out of life.

I see and know chics who have "lived the life" without care of what might happen tommorow but still get the best of what goody two shoes still dream of getting one day.

For instance, you see chics that are outrightly wayward (to say the least) and eventually, they get married to really good men (at least, they appear so). And it makes me wonder, is that some definition of "divine favour" or "grace"?

If i have to put down my thoughts on this, i probably will have to write a whole book.

But i choose not to bore u. I just want to say:

God I'm thankful for lots of things, in spite of my complaints and naggings.

Am thankful for the gift of life, without which there would be nothing.
All those trips I make every week, with crazy drivers and horrible roads,
Some make a quarter of those trips, and they have horrible experiences,
or worse still, lose their lives.

Am thankful for good health.
Lots of people have better diets and are more disciplined
But still they fall ill and spend the better part of their lives in
hospitals and on drugs.
But i eat crap and dont exercise and I am healthy.

Am grateful for the job I have,

Even though most of the time I feel like strangling my boss,
Sometimes it seems like the reason for his existence is to frustrate my life,

But i dont want to imagine life without a goal or target to meet in a day.

Am grateful for all my friends,

Sometimes i feel like I have too many of them,

But they are all so wonderful and important to me.

Am grateful for my little family,
Not perfect though, lots of things could be better,
But I love them nonetheless, they are all I have got.

Am grateful for being able to love,
Loving could be so wonderful, so heavenly you cannot explain it,
And yet, it could be one of the most hurtful things to feel,
The pains and hurts we feel from loving......... I cant explain
But I do not want to imagine what life would be without feelings of love.

Am grateful for the one who invented the idea of Blogging,
How would I have met the wonderful, crazy and intelligent people I have met through blogging?
Shakespeares of all sorts and in their own rights.
People who read my silly and uninspiring posts but are still nice enough to drop comments,
The funny friendship we build through blogging,
It makes me wonder what I have been doing with myself prior to this great discovery.

And to conclude this random thots,
The author of my devotional this morning gave one of the reasons to be thankful (or content):
No matter how wierd you think your case is, someone has a worse case.

I am thankful as I wait for mybirthday gifts. Here's a list of things that will make me very grateful:
- A BMW X5 (forgive the citation, u know the car). I've been in it and it suits me a lot.
- A lovely wristwatch. The one on me right now is a VERY FAKE DKNY! Make i no disgrace una.
- A big and sinfully rich choc cake (u know i missed out on that during vals, pls someone, make up for it).
- Ummm....... Will update the list very soon. I have one yeye Notice of Appeal to do, Oga is yelling for me now.

Peace and Love!


adeola said...

Wow! That is so nice and real inspiring too. It reminds me of a song "count ur blessings,name them one by one..." We should all be more grateful.Well,i have something to be thankful for too, i thank God i am one of the friends you are thankful for!
That your birthday list sha...

Afrobabe said...

Happy birthday in advance..

My life is also uneventful right now..nothing is happening at all...

Someone once told me good girls are always moody while bad girls are always excited and tend to drift to happy people!!!

Repressed One said... are a riot. I LOVE this post cos you're not the only one that has those thots, trust me!!

I cracked up @ "Baba, i offend u?" don't wanna know how many times me and Baba have had that kind of convo.

I'm glad you found my post inspirational...who knew i had inspiration in me? heheh

My dear, he might not come when we want but he's always right no time. Regardless tho' he Deserves all praise.

Happy birthday sweetie!! What color do you want that X5 in? Black on Black interior or what? Look out for it...shogbo? :D

Buttercup said...

lol..i love the humor with which u wrote this..

i really do need to be more thankful..

happy birthday in advance sweets!

My World said...

An insipiring and captivating...
Enjoyd your last post as well

simeone said...

of all the gifts ..i think its only the x5 that i'll be able to afford without know..
it good to be thankful o...stopped comparing maself withn people sha..
hapi baiday in

(vixenchick) said...

i'm glad you did this post. sometimes i feel that way too.



p.s. happy birthday!

nikO said...

hei happy birthday but when is your birthday sef, sorry i havent hollered in a while but i havent stopped reading your blog! This piece remids me of something i wrote some time back... you just gotta be grateful..

LG said...

ahh omoge no tel me say' ifesinachi neva come drop ur bday pressie o???? :-)

Omotee! said...

thanks my dear, i know u r capable of getting me number one on the list, i await.......

u, uneventful? na lie o, afro always has something explosive going on, dats why we love u.
and per ur advice, make i turn bad chic be dat o, abi?!!!

@repressed one:
u see why i love u, i know u will get me that X5, i want it black. thanx love.

thanx dearie!

LusciousRon said...

Omotee Happy birthday o! I am getting you that chocolate cake. Its high time! I should be more thankful and stop whining!

Omotee! said...

@my world:
thanx for stopping by, will check u up too.

olowolagba man....i dey wait o

babe, been a while. thanx dearie

na today o! whats good with ya?

i never see ifesinachi o, u bera follow up sharp sharp b4 dem carry my gift commot! i know say u no fit decieve me, abi now? i dey go sue dem o!

TDVA said...

yep, be thankful for your own. i think of that too, all the crazy people who settle in seemingly peaceful lives. if you follow the lives of these people, you will never be content with your own.

be thankful. no matter how much in a hurry i am when i get out of bed, i say "Thank you Lord". that sums up my emotion for seeing a new day.

How come i ddint know you had a blog? better late than never.

日月神教-任我行 said...