Thursday, November 12, 2009

If u were a WITCH

U remember when u were a kid and wished u were God? U'd imagine all the very nice things you would do, like make everybody very rich and happy. There will never be deaths, accidents, fire accidents or anything bad. Everything would just be sweet and rosy.
And how all those u hated were in trouble, how u would cause a mighty wind to remove the roofs of their houses or something equally..........wicked.

At some point, the dream changes, u really dont want to be God, it kinda removes the fun of it.
U discover u just want to be a witch. A WHITE WITCH!!
A white witch cos u really dont like the image of u dressed like Ayawmatanga, Oyiboyi etc in their meetings them. (yeah, some of us were that razz, i watched it all). u want to be a white, looking cool, nice and had lots of powers. U know, like those chics in Charmed. a witch that does only good for everyone but will punish the bad.

I had this dream when i was really young. I enjoyed imagining the various methods of punishing the bullies and jerks in the school with my supernatural powers.
I could make them pee or shit in their pants in class
or cause the wind to blow and reveal the dirty pants of girls that were mean.
or hit them with an invisible cane and make them cry like babies.
or make them come last in class.
it was endless
was i mean? maybe. all were in my thots sha o.

This wasnt limited to the bullies and jerks in my class or school alone. I wanted to deal with Anini (remember the famous thief that terrorised the country in the 80s?). I wanted to catch him and his gang and make public ridicules of them. I was on a good cause here. Am sure lots of u had those dreams/wishes/desires then.

So what has "revived this dream" today?

This morning on my way to work, this Gilmor (a construction company) long vehicle was being driven by a mad man, i mean certified were! u should see the speed and forcing every other vehicle in his way to scoot and run away, literarily, from his path. it was like scoot or u die!
right there i wished i had those powers i so desired when i was small. i wanted to suddenly appear by his side in the vehicle and hit his head with a big stick and tell him to park and start beating the madness out of him!

It does seem to me that whoever hires the drivers for those very long vehicles, especially berger vehicles, higher them on one condition; that they are certifiably mad!!! that has to be the criteria. otherwise, why would someone just decided to be on top speed for no just cause and threaten to kill everyone is small cars if they dont fly off the road for him? It must be because he is mad, there is no other reason!!!

What would u do if u were a witch? lets make u feel better, a white witch?


Anonymous said...

i dont really get the 'white witch ' part of the story cos that sounds really creepy and seems like you are trying to describe the superiority of the 'white'.
so im just going to answer your question based on what id do if i were a witch,just a witch not a white fly to naija everyday and only fly back for my classes and id make my family the richest family in the world and nigeria the richest country in the world, next to southafrica.

Anonymous said...

sorry,typo..not southafrica***
next to my family**
correction=my family.

Myne Whitman said...

This is something I keep asking myself and others. What do real witches do with their powers?

I would heal the sick and stop ecological degradation. The world will be a semi paradise.

Enkay said...

hehehe! Very funny.
I just used to wish I had supernatural powers. No witch-iness, just powers that would be activated only when they're needed and for a just cause...yeah, i'm nice like!

histreasure said...

i co-sign Enkay..super-natural powers..yeah.

@leggy..i understand what she means by 'white witch' cos in my place there's a term like that which refers to a witch who uses her powers for good**rolls eyes**

Repressed One said...

lol, this wan pass me oh my barrister!! I'm with Enkay too sha...super powers, yes!! but that was from watching things like Voltron and all that sifi mess growing up.

So do 'white witches' ALWAYS do good? like if they see an evil person doing bad do they repay the person with evil?? lol

mike said...

white witch.. hmmmmmmm..... i will make people very happy andmake sure dey never get old

Myne Whitman said...

Omotee! where are you? LOL. Your turn is coming next ooo.

badguyturnsaint said...

White witch like Abija, I'd like that. Omotee, does it mean watching your own local harry-potter makes you razz? I fear what our mind is turning to in africa.