Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back with my miracle 2

We were looking at getting discharged after he has gained the required weight and has stabilised well.  It was the longest 2 and a half months of our lives. Shuttling from home to hospital 3 times daily. Some days more. Going through plenty set backs. You just get phone calls that will sink ur heart some days. And just when we thot AH! Light at the tunnel, we faced another major set back: surgery. My tiny little man was going to have surgery urgently.
I remember that day; I had never fet that scared, hopeless and helpless in my life. Trust doctors, just when u think u have serious issues the they'd jump at, they just take it ever so casually! Long story short, the surgery started at 3am. By which time I was week n didn't know what to expect.

To God's glory, it was successful! He survived it. Shortly after, we were discharged. Went back on admission for another slight issue. Finally after 10 days, we came home.

A lot happened that I just can't put down here. The trauma, excessive bills, confusion, guilt, fear etc When I compare the way he looked at birth to what he looks like now, wow! I just marvel. Only God can do this. It's been an eventful 4 months.
But when I look back, I think of these few things:

Some people would gladly switch places with me. Failed IVFs n loss of full term babies. Now I know a lot.
In spite of it all, my son is my best birthday gift ever, I mean, how many people get that lucky!
God always accompanies u on those difficult journeys, even though it doesn't seem so at the moment.
Theres always a reason to thank God.

For those of u who found a way to keep in touch, I say thank u, so grateful.
LG, Luscious Ron, Chacha, thx so much.

Missed blogging, I hope am back.

Oh and my boy's name? Let's call him AJ.


doll said...

wow, really? congrats on your son and thank God he is alright now

Myne Whitman said...

Wow, congrats! Thank God for the life of your son. Hope to see you guys one day.

'Lara said...

so much has really happened...congratulations, May the Good Lord protect and bless you and your family.

Mrs. A said...

I'm glad you made it home from the NICU... It's a hard place....

chacha said...

Sweet sweet.. Good to see the muse for writing is back oh.. Loving you much. Give a kiss to my son in-law for me..

Qmoney said...

Where in God's name have i beeen??I am so sorry about all you went through,trust u had a support system
Congrats and a tight bear hug
Love to AJ

Nutty J. said...

God is faithful... to Him be all the glory

Congratulations Sister

Sumptuous said...

Wow. Congratulations! God indeed has been faithful, regards to AJ

Random One said...

Oh WOW, a lot HAS really happened. I am sooooo glad to hear all is well and lil AJ is well. The Lord be praised. Congratulations ooo my Barrister...thank God there is now laughter in your home.

Unyime-Ivy King said...

God is an Impossibility Specialist. Every birth is a miracle, especially when mother and baby come out of it unscathed. Thank God for preserving your life and your son's, He is ever Faithful, ever Sure!

Anonymous said...

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