Monday, September 28, 2009

My lover is healthy and tan,

the best of ten thousand men.

His head is like the finest gold;

his hair is wavy and black like a raven.

His eyes are like doves

by springs of water.

They seem to be bathed in cream and are set like jewels.

His cheeks are like beds of spices;

they smell like mounds of perfume.

His lips are like lilies

flowing with myrrh.

His hands are like gold hinges,

filled with jewels.

His body is like shiny ivory

covered with sapphires.

His legs are like large marble posts,

standing on bases of fine gold.

He is like a cedar of Lebanon,

like the finest of the trees.

His mouth is sweet to kiss,

and i desire him very much.

Yes, daughters of Jerusalem,

this is my lover,

and my friend.

- Songs of Songs 5 v 10 - 16, New Century Version.

and about the picture, i just love blair underwood, he matches the description in the poem doesnt he (i dont know about the legs tho). so sue me for wishing!

I have discovered one of the benefits of studying the bible, this beautiful poem is evidence. And if u dey abuse me say na songs of songs i dey read, na u know o, i must study the whole bible!!! finish!

Guess i stumbled on it one day when i was studying seriously and my mind just wondered to song of songs, i remember some boys in secondary school use it to 'toast babes'. and i thot they were silly!

So, i wrote it out in my journal, titled it Dream man. one day am hoping i'll read that out to my man, hmm, the thots are warming me up already! pls help me and beg him to hurry and show up before i give up on him and all these beautiful poems o. i am full of idea, will he come when all the ideas run away finish?!

you have to understand the mushy mushy mood, i am ovulating. i get mushy when ovulating. and i think unlike the normal women, i ovulate 90% of the time, gotta see a Gynea for that. heck i dont even know when i ovulate. sad, sad, sad.


I have 2 judgments before me. i have to read all the documents/processes filed in the case by both lawyers (a bunch of boring crap usually), what My Lord wrote which is like a doctors handwriting, check out all cases cited and generally translate everything from its greek/spanish state into english/yoruba language so i can understand and then finally give my opinion on the judgment. and somehow in all these, i found time to chat and read to u songs of solomon. am i officially nuts or what?!?!

i do have an excuse tho. U know am now a civil servant, they dont pay civil servants for the first 3 months (whoever dreamt up that bad idea), mine has decided to extend to first 4 months. no pay no work!

ok, just kidding. no pay, plenty work. My boss will kill me if i dont meet the deadline. i'll get my lawyer mojo back on in a matter of minutes. just had to digress and be mushy omotee for a while.

have a great week folks.


Fabulo-la said...

lol wow u had me there for a hot min!

That book is def beautiful poetry isnt it?

Ebony~!* said...

Hmmmmm that is some serious emotions oh!

Omotee! said...

@fabulola: yes it is!

@ ebony: very serious o, Lord have mercy!

Sweetnothin' said...

I thought i was about to get the invite to the wedding oh...

BSNC said...

lol your ps is longer than your post sef..

Omotee! said...

that would have been so nice wouldnt it? i have a feeling its close tho.........

dont mind me, its the hormones (they take all the blames). how u doing ma'am?

ibiluv said...

Blair is cute.....

no pay for four months????

only in naija.....

mushy when you be only you o....*wink*


wait no pay for 4 months? Do you then get paid in arrears for those months? Gosh. I hope so.

How far?

Myne Whitman said...

Blair Underwood is handsome but are you sure that poem is from the bible? LOL

Nice blog here.