Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I've known my new boss for a long time now, although she's never been very fat, she's quite on the big side - which is permissible, she's a mother of 2 in her 40s. So she travelled for her vacation and came back looking slimmer and very very nice, may i add, to my dismay! thats case No. 1 out of many.

My former No. 2 Boss, (remember MP?), she dropped down from 16/18 to a 14! she once bought a 16 suit and the thing wasnt properly fitted! plus this woman dresses to kill, on a normal day, she dresses like she's going for a corporate lunch. very decent, nice and toosh. u dont want to imagine her in trad for a wedding, absolute stunner! may i add, she is also a mother of 2 grown boys and a bit over 50! u should see her on fridays, either in native or casuals, she looks like a very young mama! let me beef her small by saying "afterall, her husband get plenty money"!

My former colleagues mum, who is well over 50 looks like my colleague's sister. u have to squint to see her white hair (thank God for that!). on her grandson's first birthday, she wore pants and top and looked like one of us, conviniently. plus her daughter told me she has and knows where to get the hottest lingeries anywhere. now am seriously fuming.......

there's my friend K, she bakes cakes, she's the one i get to bake all my birthday cakes etc she has 2 little girls too and in her 30s. she is something between size 8 and 10. yet the very evil K bakes me the sinful, lovely and spongy choc cakes for my birthdays, just the way i love it and stupidly, i eat and beg for more. whats the result? very obvious and apparent, am a size 14!!!!!! ok, we are coming back to me...........

these are just a few, i see lots of these "Mummies" these days and they are hot. in fact, hotter than we twenty-something-and-very-single-girls of these days i can bet u.

now to the purport of this rambling cos i know u r wondering whats my ish with them.....

I am now a confirmed SIZE 14 going on 16!!!!!

in fact, i struggle to enter some fitted size 14 dresses these days.
i had noticed this some months ago when i tried on some of my trads, they just would not zip or pass the hip. u should see war in "packing" myself into some of my old trad attires, na war!
i became very very sad yesterday when i was trying on some jeans. size 12 jeans (the type that stretches usually do well on me). 14 wont be so smart. news flash, the size 14 could not pass my bum! the fact that its the very tough jeans material is not consoling me right now. i have exploded and am just 27 and unmarried and have no kids yet!!!

funny thing is, i do not "feel" fat. sincerely, i do not. in fact, i dont remember how fat i am until i try on something i like or i take photographs. these are the things that remind me that am fat.

i walk smart, can do exercises (dont do the gym bit tho), not lazy, dont feel heavy etc but am fat.

i know u cant wait to ask the obvious question, whats my diet like?

ok.......... confession time. i promise u, am going to be very honest:

i eat basically twice in a day, at most. brunch and supper.
i do not do large plates, i get filled easily.
i eat fruits, a lot. i love apples and eat them when i feel perkish instead of biscuits and chocs.
i have done away with coke almost completely, i can go a week without coke et al.
i have reduced ice cream drastically to about once in 3 wks (this is hard considering how much i love ice cream)
i do lots of vegetables.
i have zero resistant for cakes. yes. that is my undoing.
i love chicken which is healthy, abi? i know the skin isnt but i indulge once in a while.
i like junk food but dont do them often, hello! u need lots of money to do junks in this abuja place! i cant keep taking trips to grandsquare or kay's house when i feel like cake so that has reduced the crave for cakes.
i've done away with pastries but still do a little bread tho. i heard that is very bad.

this is so annoying. all the things i like except apples, which i hope some researcher wont come up to say is fattening, are bad for me. Btw, they say bananas are fattening, is this true?! and indomies too!


the more i become consious of my weight, the more i exercise and watch my diet, its exactly at those times that people say "Omotee, u dey gain weight o!". when i let go and do crap, people dont seem to notice. o ti su mi o.

i know i have to be disciplined but this is so hard. i have heard a zillion weight losing methods but i know i cant do lots of them:

i dont like gyms, its just so routine and cliche. would love to lose weight in a fun manner.

i just want to be a size 12 at least, thats all i pray for. i know as a matter of fact that i have a hot shape (this is very true, ask my friends) but my stomach and big bum wont let it show that much. a size 12 with a fairly sucked in stomach will do me just good, this is all i want.

knowing my vices, what do i do now?!
i know i sound like a broken record but indulge me.

and please, please, do not, whatever u advise (i need ur advice badly), dont tell me to quit cakes completely, once in 3 wks cannot be that bad and am just taking 2 (or 3) slices of choc cakes!


Sweetnothin' said...

FUNKY DANCING! thats all there is to it. I do it in the morning, afternoon (when i get the chance), evening, and sometimes to my dismay, even when i'm walking. have fun doing it.....just choose a very very very high tempo song!!!!

p.s. I hate gyms too. never been to one and dont plan on doing it anytime soon. all the beautiful babes just make me want to drown.

Omotee! said...

i love dancing, i always dance, guess will make into a habit. promise i'll do that.

dont mind those babes jo, u cant drown. and thanx for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

lol.very funny.
im a size 0 sha...i think i get it from my mum who is a size 3 and has 6kids and she is 46!!

Fabulo-la said...

Errr..leggy I dont think tht is the advice she was looking for.

As much as you hate the gym, but honestly I think that may be the best thing. Start slowly and cut your portions. Replace ur snacks with fruits...

You can start there...:)

LusciousRon said...

Leggy! That is cruel!!!. Hehehe.Dearie just take it easy. No short cut to success. Ok take a slice of cake once in 4 weeks. Try to 'roast' ahem (I meant grill) your food instaed of frying. Dont go to Southern Fries!

Scratches head- You know I shouldn't be giving advice. You can only do what you can, if it is heerditary, you can just control it, you can't do away with it completely. Cyber hugs!

Repressed One said...

I'm guessing that's a US 10 right?

Well you're just going to have to add more movement even if you don't go to the gym.

Also they say you should be eating 6 small meals a day. The 2 you eat isn't doing your metabolism any good. Oh and portion control is KEY!!

Cut down carbs--most of your carbs should be consumed by 2ish [or so i hear].

Everyone has a different regime but it all boils down to diet and exercise. No one said it'll be easy but we gotta work at it :)

TayneMent said...

err Leggy I don't think you are helping oh.

Omotee! said...

@leggy: ok o, u try. u wan make i dey beef u ba?

@fabulola: thanx for stopping by and i will seriously, i mean seriously start doing something, cant promise gym now o, maybe badmington sha.

@luscious: where is southern fries?! i dont know the way there again o! lol. ok, honestly, i havent been there in ages and neither have i had their stuff too. besides, ani ko si owo ti ma fi je ijekuje mo! pringles isnt so bad is it?

@repressed one: ok, u r really helpful. its hard but promise to be more disciplined. thanx love. PS. u know i love u abi?

@taynement: thanx for stopping by! and i will visit the link, hope it will be helpful.

@All: i know the major key is discipline which i must confess is not a high point, but am ready to learn. thanx folks!

doll said...

GYM CAN BE FUN...i dint know until i started going myself..4/5 months ago...the aerobic classes is fun and the dance classes too are fun because you are not the only one..there is an instructor and working out in groups is quite exciting and takes away the bore..really...

then you are also motivated...when you see big people shedding makes you aspire and keeps you on your toes

Besides...if you are were working out/ will automatically cut down your eating...because when you think of the effort on the thread will be discouraged

when i joined the gym in Feb..i was a size 10 on the fast lane to am a comfortable 8...can wear some 6 self...

whenever my school friends see me they scream...

so my sister...the gym is the way forward..

Enkay said...

Honestly ehn, your post was just about me!

I have watched myself go from a 10 to a 12 and now I found that some of my 12 clothes don't fit anymore!

Now I eat a cooked meal only once a day during lunch. I have fruit for breakfast and fruit for supper but when I feel peckish, I try to have some dry crackers. No fun at all!

But who am I kidding? I slip on these rules every week! But there's some progress sha.

Worrying about it won't help so maybe you should start by relaxing.

Omotee! said...

@doll: hmm, this gym thingi keeps surfacing, means i have to take it serious. ok, will start searching for a gym, lets hope i find one thats going to be nice.

and thanx for stopping by. u didnt mention cake, i love u already!

@enkay: thats really corageous of u, considering how boring the things u (now i) have to eat, i hate crackers, i love oreos! ok, will start investing in fruits sha. i just pray and hope the banana thing isnt true, how can banana be fattening?!

Omotee! said...

@doll: btw, ur blog is cool, ur last post is so so nice. so what have u decided to do? who u sticking with?

Anonymous said...

Try the zumba weight loss's a dance thing sha,,,u can log on to,,,and find out more.....cheers

omoh said...

i think one effective option is least once in a while,say 1ce a week.heard it burns fat more quickly.know it sounds hard but truth is,loosing weight is hardwork.1st time here.

Omotee! said...

@anonymous & omoh:
ok, guess i will try the zumba thing, find out what its about. i hate jogging, everytime i try it, feels like my chest will explode. will see.......
thank ya

blogoratti said...

Watch your daily calorie intake.
And like doll suggested-try aerobics and exercising. Go for walks,drink 8 glasses of water daily..and err stay away from bananas ;)

Anonymous said...

As regards the weight issue, check out this site for fruits consumption and i guess banana is not too bad after all as it contain more water. Thanx for the thesis though.