Wednesday, September 15, 2010

EX Files Concluded... At least for now.......

Thanks everyone for ur contributions, they were all worth it.

So that same day, we had another lengthy argument on the whole Ex issue and again, for the upteenth time stated the reasons why i have serious issues with this particular ex.
So for a reason that i still have not been able to comprehend up till this moment, the girl called me. Yes, she did!

She called and introduced her self as "My name is Sisi" and of cos i went "Sisi who?"
"Sisi, Bubbly's friend".
"Oh, hi. How are u?"
"Am fine. And u?"

"Am fine thank u."
"So how are u and how the wedding preparations?"

What?! HEllo!!!

At that point i went totally blank, like, really, how da hell am i supposed to answer that? Whose brilliant idea was it for her to call me? Wedding preps bi ti bawo?
I told her i was in the midst of something and could she kindly call me back in 5 mins.
During that time, i calmed down so i would not react in a way i will later regret, get myself together.

So 5 mins later, she calls back and said:
"Am sorry for whatever issues i may have caused between you and Bubbly. Its just that I and Bubbly have been friends for so long and its strictly platonic. I want to assure you that I have no plans that will jeopardise your relationship in anyway. I am a woman also and wont want anyone to do that to me so i cant do it to someone else. He told me long ago that he loves you and will be with you, he always talks about you. Am sorry."

Calmly i said:
"Thanks Sisi. Kind of you but am just wondering, what brought about all these?" She said:
"Well i was chatting with Bubbly and he was asking me all these wierd questions and stuff. So i asked him to give me your phone number so i can talk to you."
"I see. Thanks then. Appreciate your call. Take care now."

Again i wondered, whose bright idea was this?!?!

So i had a chat with Bubbly and told him in unequivocal terms that I have no issues whatsoever with Sisi so the phone call was unnecessary, i mean, was she informing me about their friendship or seeking for an approval or what? He must have thot it was a good idea.

Anyway, the conclusion we seem to have reached now (at least both of them), conversations cut off as from that day. I sincerely dont know if they still chat or call or text and i dont think i want to be doing any 007 stunts on top this matter. i guess thats all i can do for now. Abi how i for do now?


Anonymous said...

Affairs usually start out with innocent's not Bubbly I don't trust, but Sisi. Bubbly has good reason to be loyal to you; Sisi doesn't. Don't make it a big deal because you don't want to taint your relationship with Bubbly, but I strongly recommend that you watch Sisi like a hawk until you are 100% sure she has no ulterior motives.

QMoney said...

U know what?jus send me ur email addy,lemme give u personal experience gist.
Its healthy to take a break from d issue&if she means well,she'll back off as well...

Repressed One said...

Who knows with all these things...her calling you could mean she really means no harm or she's one bold ass heffa...dem 'draw her close so she suspects nothing and then go in for the kill'...type heffas. Lol!!

At the end of the day sha its bubbly's responsibility to make sure you feel secure in ur relationship with him. She gan she should have backed off the moment she got wind you had an issue with their friendship.

doll said...

@ Q money seconded

Luscious LU said...

Abi o,repressed one, she should have backed off once she knew you had issues if she really means well. Her calling and all that?She'S selfish and wants to hold on to bubbly at all cost.

In any case, since there is a sorta truce,its healthy to hold off like Q money said and no need for 007 as you said but if you catch a whiff of anything? blow your top girlfriend!

Omotee! said...

anonymous: i agree, i dey shine my eyes, thanx ma'am!

qmoney: its
expecting ur mail like right now!

repressed: exactly my thots, as we no get winch, to know the true intentions go hard small. but i agree sha. thanks so much

doll: me too

LU: i like the blow ur top part, lol.
meanwhile, that story on ur blog???? how far???? we wanna know!

Myne Whitman said...

Hmmmm...this girl is bold sha. I like your style, just take it easy.

Anonymous said...

this one pass me in seriously she called u.....

its left for u to "approve" of her "friendship" or bounce her fast.

LG said...

Hi "My name is Sisi"
(takes off:)

it is well jare!
norrin mega'

P.E.T. Projects said...

As for me, friendship with an ex is a no no, abeg make person no dey sleep wen fire dey burn for ur rooftop

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, so, have to go back (to the archives) to fully comprehend the post???

Nutty J. said...

Hope its resolved now sha

*sorry I'm just seeing this*