Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finally I met Myne Whitman!

Yes i did!

I saw her last post just yesterday and found she was in town and at some Infusion program - readings, poetry, art, music...

Myne looked very pretty and it was nice meeting her - again. She read some excerpts from her book and she did it so gracefully. I was expecting her to be very americanized and you know, do serious phone but she didnt, unlike some people that I know. She was just her correct self and it was beautiful. Proud of you Myne. You were fan-bloody-tastic!

So finally I've got my own copy of A Heart to Mend and duly autographed, yippie!

Tried to take a picture of it and thats the best i got (again, the picture was to be inserted here but blogger decided to disobey me).
It was a nice evening, have never been to those book reading club thingis so it was a nice thing to see. It was nice to go fo something different, lots of bookies. Maybe I will go again...
There was this very funny lady, Lola, who anchored the program, she's quite funny. She kept talking about "deeping your hands into her warm bucket" i cant even explain, it was funny sha.
If there was a fellow blogger there, I didnt know.
Could have sworn my posts were already a 100 but blogger keeps telling me, 97 or 98. I think i will just count myself...
Today is my last day at work this year, yay!!! Some of the perks of being a civil servant I guess. Judges have to go on vac so if Oga no dey office.... figures. I hope to skip out on Tuesday to my folks and be back before the new year God's grace. Am dreading the trip though, Gwagwalada - Lokoja route has been a nightmare. Someone got to lag around 1.30am this morning after taking off around 8 am or so.
I'm not going to lag but I hope to leave early and beat the traffic.
If there's anything I pray to see in Nigeria, its not just good leadership, but for the train system to work again, life will be so much easier! Air fares will reduce, lots of cars will be off the road and you will get to your destinations faster. I really pray that very soon, that will work in Nigeria. If any presidential aspirant makes that one of his goals, gba, I shall not only vote for him but make sure I get him plenty votes too. I know what you are thinking, he might not do it right? Yeah, and we shall plot a coup to remove him, shikena!
I'm really really looking fwd to xmas and seeing my folks again. Mama Omotee has been enticing me with all the things she will cook for me and buy for me when I come, makes me feel like I was in boarding school again. Whenver I came home from school then, I will enter every room to see whats new and bury myself in mum's room last to see the new things she's got and inevitably, the things i will "borrow"or "steal". I still do that at almost 30 years old.
And something else I still do - I still collect öwo aso odun from Prof. Yep, i still do. I shall collect money for xmas cloth on the 23rd or 24th. He tells me each year that I am too old for that and I tell him each year that I am still his daughter and still entitled to that money. I still collect money for offering in church too (yeah LG and Ron, this is where u scream agbaya, na una know).

I'll go count my posts now and get to the 100th already, haba!


LG said...


OH NO!! dont kno y i 4got my camera at home sef *mscheeeew* n d yeye thing cldnt even remind me , o well:(

btw babes wat r u feelin like naw, abeg remove d pix jare, i m kinda jealous :) tho i wonder wat Myne wld hv written on me cos i wont hv revealed masef to her, LOL

LG said...


there u hv it )

D said...

LoL @ Ya...Agnaya!!!

Myne Whitman said...

You be proper Agbaya, lol...but having been home recently, I feel you. I was just gumming my parents, :)

And yeah it was great meeting you too. You look much prettier than what I remember from back then. And your pics are going up on my blog as we speak, hehehehe...

P.E.T. Projects said...

Ehn? Myne is gonna let the cat out? Omotee u better start begging sharply.
BTW you're not an agbaya cos I know i still collect money from my dad too... even on my birthday.

Merry Christmas in advance and i'm soooooooo jealous of u (u met Myne and u'll have the rest of the year off work)

*Now walking my boss' office to ask for the company to close* (in my mind)

2cute4u said...

Ha... I dey envy you o no be small! Between meeting Myne and ending work...
So you've started your vac huh? Your pepper don ripe!
I didn't even know you tagged me in your last post..
Will do that lera..
Wishing you the very best this season and journey's mercies my dear..
Of course, I go still 'ring' you..
Love you..
Catchya seeyou lera!

Wise Sage said...

I met myne before you....nyah nyah nyah nyah
BTW, the book? I finished reading it in a few hours, yeah it was that captivating and enthralling. before i even saw your face, you were the female lead character, gladys, for me. No joke.
Enjoy it.

Blessing said...

Awww, u met Myne! That's so cool.

LMBO @ u still collecting $ for christmas cloth and offering....smh...ur such a big kid! lol

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