Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tags and Special Invitation

Hi Pipo!

How ya doing? I cant believe am doing a post now, its simply unbelievable esp seeing that I have a deadline and Oga Madam is going to have me for lunch/dinner if I dont deliver. Its not my fault jare, I'm in the holiday mood already.

So for want of a better post, here I am doing my tag. Myne tagged me. Some of those categories am not even sure what to say sef. but here goes:

5 Famous people I want to meet:

- John Legend
- Pastor Enoch Adeboye
- Babatunde Fashola
- Ellen Degeneres (and ask her why on earth she is lesbo)
- Will Smith

5 Books that affected you:

- The Bible
- Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
- Half of a Yello Sun by Chimamanda Adichie

5 favorite movies (5 is very restrictive o!):

-Sound of Music
- The Family that Preys
- The Kingdom
- Pirates of the Carribean
- Shrek (all 3)

5 things you can't do without:

- My phones
- Food
- Money
- Music
- Books

5 turn ons

- Bubbly (oh yeah, turns me on badly!)
- Handsome, sexy, humble and polite men (am a sucker for fine boys)
- Intelligent conversations
- Rich sinful chocolate cakes
- Independence

5 turn offs:

- Rude and loud people
- Lying

So now I tag the following people

- Chacha
- Luscious Ron
- LG
- Sugar King

(Pls feel free to tag yourself and say Omotee did).

I know i should have gotten to my 100th like 100 days ago but am slowly getting there. This is my 99th. Would still love more questions, including the ridiculous ones (which shall get ridiculous answers).

I am trying to plan something nice and out of the ordinary for xmas. Somehow I dont have lots of friends anymore; they are either married and out of town or we're just too busy to keep in touch. Wish it could be better. SO am recruiting new friends now. I dont like being the kind of girl who hangs out with her boyfriend 24/7 so i need friends who arent as boring as I am.

Ok, so thats all I wanna say. Oh yeah, ok, I look VERY VERY HAWT today and I love the attention its giving me. You know I've got big bum and chest, my dress is just short and sexy and nice and I like it!
Does that make me vain? Dunno, whatevs mehn! Nice evening


This is inviting all you Abuja folks to my church (Commonwealth of Zion Assembly - COZA) for a special program.
Myles Munroe, Rev. Sam Adeyemi and Pastor Poju Oyemade are coming to speak.
Date: 12th December 2010 @ 9am. December 13th and 14th @ 6pm.
Venue: This Day Dome.

Would love to see you there (well, maybe not see you as I dont know you, lol).

Nice evening guys!


LG said...


LOL@..Would love to see you there (well, maybe not see you as I dont know you, lol).Me sef i for like to attend but how wld i kno u,i ll jst wave :) atleast so ll kno i was dia????

btw dis tagging thing get as e be, no reward/prize/cash????? :)

LusciousRon said...

Goat! I just knew you would tag me! Stop hanging with Bubbly 24/7 you will lose all your friends! :D

Helene said...

I loved all 3 Shrek movies too! And I'd love to meet Ellen DeGeneres because I think she'd keep me laughing instead of crying all the time!!

Tisha said...

I am tagging meself...

Hi anyways

Blessing said...

I would love to be your new friend!!! lol...but it comes with a fee ;-)

Uzezi said...

how did the programme go? im sure my pastor (Adeyemi) made more fans.

i thought tags had faded off blogville

Omotee! said...

LG: see ur mouth, reward ko, reward ni. man shall not live by money alone!
so did u come?

Ron: ewu! at least i wont lose you, thats for sure. am spicing up my life now.

helene: yeah, she really has a gift to make pple laugh, i think she'd be like that real life, not just on tv. how r ya?

tisha: over to yours in a bit...

blessing: u see, u n LG, wetin money do una like dat?! lol. ok, so how much? 20 bucks

uzezi: oh he was great, was nice having him around. yeah, thot so too about tagging, apparently its back

2cute4u said...

Kai... you for save me the wahala of this tagging o..
I gats to hustle before xmas na,so no time.. lol..
Will do you the honour of responding adequately dearie..