Friday, December 17, 2010


Its my 100th Yay!

So these are the answers to the questions

1. When did you start blogging and why (Myne Whitman)?

One day, i googled Ajala travels - to find out if its really true that a man named Ajala really did travel the whole world round. Then I discovered some girl's blog where she wrote lots of stuff about travelling etc There i found other interesting blogs and I kept reading them.
I also found out that everyone had their own style - which means you dont have to be a serious or full time writer, you could just put down your thots.
So in 2008 I started blogging and its been fun.
2. When is your wedding (Myne Whitman)?

I hope to tie the knot next year. There are lots of determining factors so I cant say specifically this month but I can say its definitely next year. It will only change if something really drastic happens and I am praying against that. So next year God's grace.

3. Shebi I will get aso ebi? (LG asks)

Yes you will - if you are willing to pay, lol. And if you are willing to let me meet you finally, abi how i wan take give you aso ebi?
4. Have you and Bubbly set a date? (Repressed One asks)
Please refer to question 2, I have kinda answered there.

5. Is it going to be in Abuja?

Nope, it will be in Ilorin where my parents live.
6. Why did you choose the law profession?

I decided to study law when I was in JS3 and I had to decide which subjects to choose in my SS classes. I hated maths and anything that has to do with calculations and stuff, all science courses and core accounting subjects too. Arts was interesting and I wanted to do anything professional from there, which could only be law.
I also liked the law dramas I saw on TV and those pretty ladies in cute skirts (not knowing of course that those dramas dont happen in Nigeria).
But when I got admission to study law, I fell in love and I really do love being a lawyer now.

7. Are you a virgin? (Wise Sage)
I shant say more than that.

8. Is there anything you have decided to hold back from Bubbly...something you consider a secret?

I am not much of a secretive person, I may not tell the whole world or strangers my business but I dont like keeping secrets. I believe people make big deals out of "secrets"that if you actually lay it down, it may not be such a big big deal.
I will hate for Bubbly to find out later something I chose not to tell him earlier. Luckily, I dont have skeletons so I guess it makes it easier. The only thing I regard as a secret, I have told him.

9. If yes, what is it? Why are you holding back?
Not applicable.

10. What's the craziest thing you two have done together? (PET Projects)

Hmmmm...... How do i answer this?
Okay, there was one day we made out in his car just parked outside my gate. People were passing by and we were trying to be discreet and all. The fear of people seeing us et al made it seem all crazy and funny. We ended up laughing at each other.

Then there was a day we wanted to make out so bad, (i choose to blame it on ovulation) but I had my little cousin around so we could not, I didnt want to do the making out in the car anymore. So Bubbly suggested we send my little cousin to buy something totally needless and irrelevant and we quickly made out. It was crazy, at least for me.

My colleague just told me his own crazy moves and they beat mine hands down!
Okay those are all the questions so far.
I'd love to say blogging has been such a great experience for me. The fact that I have a place where I can let my thots out freely and not wonder what anyone would say, I'd say thats - comforting.
I've also enjoyed getting comments, they warm me up. I remember when I just started, I was checking every moment to see if anyone had commented. Its been lovely!

So, i have decided to put up some pictures. You may have to strain your neck to see them, maybe turn your lappy upside down sef, lol. Add ImageAdd ImageMy lappy and internet have conspired against me to do things differently. Shouldnt computers be able to read minds?!

Bubbly took that last one, he's a sucker for big bums. Told u u'll have to bend your head a lot eh?
I had really fanciful ideas for my 100th but this is the best I can do at the moment. If there are still questions, bring them on.
So this is wishing you all a very very wonderful xmas ahead. Dont know if I will post anything this year anymore, not so sure. But am on my way to collect my xmas package!
May this xmas be accident and sorrow free for you all.
May your joy be full this xmas.
And may the coming new year meet us all in peace.
Love you all!!!


2cute4u said...

Ore mi,
So this is you?
Hmmmm, so you dare to show your bum to us abi?
You want to shame us that don't have huh?
You sure say your post reach 100 at all? Cause I do not trust you..
Let that xmas package reach me too o,cause, I no go gree..
Now, I know you better and I'm so glad..
Happy blogging..
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous new Year..
May you have always always have a reason to keep smiling..

Wise Sage said...

Thanks for answering our questions. I think you have earned the right to ask us any questions too. Abi my pipo?
I want my own bubbly :D
I wanted to be the first but cutie...take time oh...:(

Anonymous said...

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P.E.T. Projects said...

Wow... Omotee finally reveals herself!
U look gorgeous girl.

BTW mere looking at this pix, im almost sure we wear same size, so make sure when its time, u make my Aso Ebi and send it ova.

Compliments of the season

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

congrat on 100th and you look pretty revealing yourself!...Merry Christmas in advance

doll said...

LOL@ Ajala travels.. i am tempted to Google it myself of

Blessing said...

Wow!! You're beautiful!!! Bubbly is a lucky man o...he should quickly chose a wedding date o...I beg! lol

RepOne said...

ah ahn!! My Barrister...a ma fine ke :)

D said...

Bubbly is 1 lucky man!
C dat bakassi mehn!

LG said...

c ikebe!!!!!!!!!!!!! naughty gehl , wat r u feeling like sef?? *winks*

btw u dont hv to see me to deliver d ashebi, *ekenedilichukwu still dey na :)

LusciousRon said...

LMAO at LG trust her to say something like that!

Omotee congrats o and thanks for introducing me to Blogger, it has certainly cured some of my precocity that leads me to doing silly things.

Shebi I will be the Chief Bridesmaid at the wedding, I am beating all your other friends to it!

Tisha said...

congrats on your 100th post...

You have courage, not putting up my pix any time soon.

P.E.T. Projects said...

Happy new year babes, when are u resuming to blogsville...

P.E.T. Projects said...

Hi dear, i just nominated you for the stylish and versatile blogger award, visit my blog and find out more