Thursday, November 29, 2012

Favourite child

A friend has 4 kids and was gisting me about each of them and their attitudes. I asked her if she has a favourite child. She said she hopes not but sometimes she feels like a particular one makes her happy sort of.

My brother makes insinuations like my parents prefer me. We are just two, boy and girl.

I also know lots of men are partial towards their daughters, does this make her the favourite?

So, do you think it's true every parent has a favourite child?do you think it's ok to have a favourite child? 

What's right or wrong with it?


Nutty J. said...

It's not good to have a favorite child...but sometimes, it just happens. There'll always be that one child that either understands you better than the rest and aims to please you always, and you just get fond of, or the one that is exactly like you, stubborn, rebellious, daring, brilliant, funny, exciting...and you see ur younger version in him or her and you just can't help liking more than the rest.

But it's always good to hide such favoritism so siblings don't start hating

That being said... I'm my dad's favorite :p

Kwale Kreates said...

I think a lot of parents have a fav even though its not deliberate. They key is to make sure the kids don't catch on cos that can definitely do some damage as far as self esteem goes [you'd be surprised].

That was kinda easy to guess who my dads favs were but not with my mum.

Omotee! said...

I agree with u both. It's either te recipient abuses it or it creates rivalry among siblings. Someone testified to what unabashed favouritism cased, rivalry even up till old age.
But sometimes parents can't help it like kale said.
For me well, I think my brother just uses that to justify his own wrongdoings.

Mamuje said...

Being from a polygamous I know the whole dynamics os favouritism and how it affects the children...and a lot of rivalry and bad belle.

My dad didnt do anything to even hide it. If he favoured you, he treated you better.... It isnt something that should be encouraged. it cause unnecessary rife and problems.

In a monogamous setting, it is totally different sha.

Eya said...

Hi Omotee, my fest time here. Many parents have favourite kids. Sometimes there is that one child that just makes you happy all the time, I don't know if that means the child is *favorited*.

Even when you if you are fond of a particular child, it is good you try not to show that to the other kids. I am following you.

Myne Whitman said...

This was the theme to one of the shows we saw recently. I don't think it's good but sometimes it comes whether a parents plans it or not. But the person should try not to show it too much.

Toinlicious said...

I kinda figured it out with my parents although it wasn't obvious. We're 4 with very different personalities and there are stuff i get away with that my guessed fav cannot even dare. I know it causes sibling rivalry though

Thanks for coming by my space. Now following *muah*

Anonymous said...

we are four three boys one girl. im the only girl and i know im not anyone's favorite. my mum loves my elder bro cos he behaves like d daughter she wishes she had and my younger bro because he is d last. my dad loves my eldest bro. anytime i have issues with my brothers my parents support them so u see. my mum's own is too freaking obvious. when i was youngrr i tot i was adooted righy now i dont care i just want to run away from all of them.

ild rather have one child tho so that way i dont get a choice to have a favorite child.

Anonymous said...

geez too many typos! :(

Sykik said...

Mothers tend to love sons and fathers loves daughters.

Sykik said...

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'Lara said...

I don't think parents set out to have favorite...I find it unhealthy sometimes especially in polygamous homes. But then again, every parent sure has one in whom they are profoundly happy.