Friday, November 23, 2012

Of Jeeps and Jalopies

I read a story on one of those random bcs people send. It was about a mouse trap. A house owner got a mouse trap. The mouse got so worried and scared, ran to the cow and pig and chicken, saying there is a mouse trap and they should find a solution to it. All 3 big animals took their turn to laugh at him cos a mouse trap obviously isn't meant for cows, pigs and chickens, yeah? Right.

The mouse trap caught a snake instead by the tail. The snake bit the house owner's wife and she fell Ill. People came to greet the sick woman. The Ouse owner killed the chicken and pig to entertain their visitors.
Eventually she died and he had to kill the cow to entertain even more guests. And all those big animals thought they weren't concerned about the mouse trap.
Am sure you get the morale of the story.

It's the same way we usually choose to look at problems in this country. 
The road to my house is tres horrible. Last year hubby and some of our neighbours tried to get a number of other neighbours so they could find a temporary solution since govt wasn't gonna solve it anytime soon. But they all refused to have this meeting. They were too busy. They still had alternative routes they could manage and manoeuvre with their jeeps and good cars. So they decided to ignore these poor people and their jalopies. 
This year the road naturally got worse and caved in. It was so bad even jeeps couldn't move easily. The problem eventually became that of the rich and the poor and their respective jeeps and jalopies.

It's the same way the boko haram issue was handled. Sometimes you go to church expecting the matter to be raised so we can all pray. But no, it was a problem for the northerners until bombs started landing in Abuja. Then it became serious. There was no sure way of avoiding it. 

It baffled me when the subsidy issue was hot and some people's solution was to pray for God's favour so that even if fuel is sold at 1k per litre they would be able to afford it. 
I wondered if i didn't like that theory because I wasn't Christian enough or because it just didn't sound right. So what happens to those who aren't Christian enough to pray for jeeps and money to buy 1k fuel? Isn't this notion rather selfish? 
The story of Esther in the bible came to my mind. She was a queen. Comfortable. Enjoying. She could choose not to involve herself with those poor people ans their wahala. But she chose to risk her life for the sake of her people 
and that is what she is being remembered for till today. 
It was one of those sleepless nights that I came across this blog. Nadael. Brilliant post. 

Oh well, just thinking/ranting. But Then, how does my rant affect the price of fish in the market.

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